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5 questions Apple needs to answer during WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is entrance to San Francisco subsequent week, giving CEO Tim Cook a possibility to get developers dismissed adult over a latest that Apple has to offer.

Don’t design a new iPhone. WWDC is all about program and services, though we’ll also get a ubiquitous refurbish on a state of Apple. Here are some questions Apple needs to answer during a event.

How will Siri contest with Cortana and a Google Assistant?

When Siri launched in 2011, it was one of a initial practical assistants of a kind, though it now has competitors from Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Google. Apple needs to uncover how Siri is improved than — or can during slightest keep gait with — a rivals.

There’s some critical low-hanging fruit, like a ability to say context opposite several queries. Right now, if we ask Siri about something, afterwards ask it a follow-up doubt though naming a subject, Siri won’t know what you’re articulate about. That’s an critical thing to fix.