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78% Of Tesla’s 2018 Model 3 Sales Were Online — Musk Email Sheds Light On New Sales Strategy


Published on Mar 3rd, 2019 | by Dr. Maximilian Holland


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An email sent to Tesla employees by Elon Musk on Thursday explains some of a reasons for Tesla’s change in sales plan from brick-and-mortar stores to an online focus. Notably, 78% of all Model 3 sales in 2018 were already conducted online. Further, 82% of buyers didn’t even take a exam expostulate before buying. Added to this, recognition of a Tesla code is as clever as it has ever been, and impending business are forward-looking and tech-savvy, gentle with online purchases. Transitioning from store-based sales to online sales, along with other efficiencies, reduces automobile costs by an normal 6%. That finished this a priority area for altogether assets and cost reductions.

The net outcome of a change is that Tesla’s vehicles are now being sole during some-more affordable cost points, augmenting direct and accelerating Tesla’s core mission.

Understanding a Change in Tesla’s Sales Strategy

Any detriment of jobs is never good news for those affected. It stays to be seen what suit of store sales staff can be transitioned to roles in a galleries, showcases, and information centres that will be confirmed in high trade locations. There will be augmenting positions in use and in prolongation as well, though how many can transition to such jobs is unclear.

Tesla went from 899 employees in 2010 to an estimated 45,000 in Q4 final year, though with several periodic cutbacks to a workforce along a way. The cutbacks are unfortunate, though not astonishing in a quick elaborating association seeking to ramp adult a series of vehicles sold, learn on a feet, and find cost efficiencies in each area of a operations.

In a phone-in event for reporters on Thursday, Musk called a pierce to online sales a “hard decision” that “unfortunately will entail a reduction” in a sales staff, though also called it an “extremely vicious vital decision.”

Whilst a phone call did not go low into a logic for a change in sales plan (instead focusing on a proclamation of a $35,000 Model 3 and sum about a car), a worker email on a same day did strew some-more light. we have trustworthy a full content of a email during a finish of this article. Obviously, shortening inner costs adequate to capacitate a sale of a $35,000 Model 3 was a pivotal present proclivity for a plan shift. But there’s also some-more context to know a altogether change in strategy. Amongst other points, a email remarkable that, in 2018:

“78% of all Model 3 orders were placed online, rather than in a store, and 82% of business bought their Model 3 though ever carrying taken a exam drive.”

Given that 140,000 Tesla Model 3s were sole in 2018, 78% online sales corresponds to roughly 110,000 vehicles, of a 240,000 sum 2018 automobile sales (when we embody Models S and X). That’s some 46% of a total. In 2019, a Model 3 will expected sell tighten to 300,000 units or more, and a S and X 80,000–100,000 (combined). This means that — presumption a same 78% online sales suit of 2018 Model 3 sales — during slightest some 62% of altogether sales would expected have come from online anyway, even though a new changes.

The pivotal doubt is: does Tesla indeed need brick-and-mortar sales outlets to say code awareness, expostulate demand, and emanate sales?

The EV Transition Tesla’s Brand Awareness

Consider that, in a comments territory of Zach’s new article, one of a UK readers forked out that a recover of a $35,000 Model 3 was a #2 news story on a BBC. Given that a Tesla Model 3 won’t even start smoothness in a UK until someday in a second half of 2019, that’s flattering healthy code recognition right there.

There has been thespian expansion in recognition of EVs in ubiquitous over a past integrate of years. The immeasurable infancy of people who are deliberation transitioning to an EV are though doubt wakeful of Tesla. With a accessibility of a $35,000 various of a Model 3, and low using costs, a Tesla EV is now within strech of a larger suit of aspirational new automobile buyers in a pivotal markets in that a association operates. Of a folks in these markets that are deliberation buying a new reward automobile anyway, many if not many of them are already wakeful of a Tesla brand. All in, it’s not tough to detect that — even though brick-and-mortar sales stores — there’s adequate direct to keep Tesla using during full prolongation intensity for during slightest a middle term. The arriving Model Y exhibit (and expected many some-more reservations) will usually boost code recognition and demand.

Tesla Model Y teaser.

Tesla has apparently crunched a numbers and motionless that enlivening an online sales routine — while gripping vehicles manifest and curated by a few personnel in jammed areas in galleries (and identical locations) — will outcome in some-more than sufficient direct going forwards. Whilst being a distributed guesstimate, there’s certainly a certain feedback between stealing a poignant cost of sales locations, so permitting Tesla “to reduce all automobile prices by about 6% on average” (Musk email), so bootstrapping comparatively some-more direct and ensuing in some-more business overall.

As quoted above, that “82% of business bought their Model 3 though ever carrying taken a exam drive” shows that exam drives are not indispensable for many impending buyers to lift a trigger on a squeeze — during least, they haven’t been. Tesla’s tweaked sales agreement now allows business who have not formerly exam driven a automobile to lapse it within 7 days (or 1,000 miles) for a fast, full reinstate if they are not happy with a purchase. (This was also was partial of a logic given in a worker email). Since pushing a Tesla for a 1st time is constantly a revelation, a commission of earnings will expected be negligible. And there will expected still be some opportunities for exam drives in pivotal locations, even if that’s organised around a use centre plcae (or even a mobile service/test drive) rather than a sales plcae per se. Our possess Kyle Field got a home exam expostulate from Tesla before purchasing his Model 3.

Finally, there are additional demand  levers that Tesla can still pull if necessary. The association could straightforwardly re-introduce a mention module (albeit a some-more cost fit and capped one). And leasing is not even charity nonetheless on a Model 3. That’s a outrageous direct push right there.

In short, with three Model 3 choices during cost points between $35,000 and $40,000 — themselves to a vast border enabled by a pierce to an online sales concentration — Tesla calculates that this reconfigured proceed to sales and costs will beget some-more than adequate direct going forwards, and serve the company’s mission.

Whilst we can all determine that a detriment of store sales jobs is sad, do we determine or remonstrate with Tesla’s reconfigured sales proceed from a indicate of perspective of a business case? Please yield your possess thoughts in a comments.

Here’s Elon Musk’s email to employees (Thursday, Feb 28):

Last month, we remarkable in my email that a elemental emanate Tesla contingency overcome is that a products sojourn too costly for many people. We know there are many people who wish to buy Model 3, though simply can’t means to do so.

That is because we’re vehement to announce now that we are now charity a customary Model 3 during $35,000. This is a poignant miracle for Tesla, a perfection of years of tough work by employees opposite a company, and something of that we should all be really proud. You can review a sum of a proclamation on a blog: https://www.tesla.com/blog/35000-tesla-model-3-available-now

In addition, we are also creation a preference to change all sales worldwide to online only.

Last year, 78% of all Model 3 orders were placed online, rather than in a store, and 82% of business bought their Model 3 though ever carrying taken a exam drive. Customers can now buy a Tesla in North America around their phone in about 1 minute, and that capability will shortly be extended worldwide. We are also creation it most easier to try out and lapse a Tesla though a exam drive. You can now lapse a automobile within 7 days or 1,000 miles for a full refund. Customers are apropos increasingly gentle creation purchases online, and that is generally loyal for Tesla — that is a covenant to a products we make.

As a result, over a subsequent few months, we will be circuitous down many of a stores and significantly shortening a spend on sales and marketing, that will assistance make a cost changes we’ve announced now possible. Shifting all sales online total with other ongoing cost potency will capacitate us to reduce all automobile prices by about 6% on average, permitting us to grasp a $35,000 Model 3 cost point.

A tiny series of stores in jammed locations will sojourn as galleries, showcases and Tesla information centers. At a same time, we will be augmenting a investment in a Tesla use complement and manufacturing, and we design that headcount to grow subsequent year.

Unfortunately, this means that some jobs will be impacted or transitioned to other areas of a business. This is a tough decision, though it required to make a cars some-more affordable. Our sales group has fought on a front lines of advancing a goal and has been a tie to hundreds of thousands of business along a way. we wish to demonstrate my frank thankfulness for all that you’ve done.

In a entrance weeks, we will be evaluating all of a sales and selling classification to know where there are operational efficiencies, and how best to support a transition to online sales while also stability to broach a truly overwhelming and educational Tesla shopping experience.

We’ll be pity some-more information on this transition soon.

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