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A NASA Spacecraft Just Broke a Record for Closest Approach to Sun

A NASA sun-studying booster only entered a record books.

In Apr of 1976, a German-American Helios 2 examine done spaceflight’s closest-ever solar approach, cruising within 26.55 million miles (42.73 million kilometers) of a sun. But NASA’s Parker Solar Probe zoomed inside that stretch currently (Oct. 29), channel a threshold during about 1:04 p.m. EDT (1704 GMT), group officials said.

Helios 2 also set a symbol behind afterwards for fastest speed relations to a sun, at 153,454 mph (246,960 km/h). The Parker Solar Probe is approaching to best that currently as well, reaching aloft speeds during about 10:54 p.m. EDT (0254 GMT on Oct. 30), NASA officials said. (NASA’s Juno Jupiter spacecraft currently binds a record for tip speed relations to Earth; a examine reached 165,000 mph, or 265,000 km/h, during a attainment during a hulk world in Jul 2016.) [NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Mission to a Sun in Pictures]

These annals will tumble again and again over a march of a Parker Solar Probe’s $1.5 billion mission, that began Aug. 12 with a liftoff from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The booster will investigate a object during 24 tighten flybys over a subsequent 7 years, removing closer and closer to a star with any encounter.

The Parker Solar Probe’s final flyby, in 2025, will move a qualification within a small 3.83 million miles (6.16 million km) of a sun’s surface. And a sun’s absolute sobriety will eventually accelerate a examine to a tip speed of around 430,000 mph (690,000 km/h), NASA officials have said.

The initial of these dual dozen tighten encounters is only around a corner: It strictly starts Wednesday (Oct. 31), with perihelion (closest solar approach) entrance on a night of Nov. 5.

“It’s been only 78 days given Parker Solar Probe launched, and we’ve now come closer to a star than any other booster in history,” goal plan manager Andy Driesman, from a Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, said in a statement. “It’s a unapproachable impulse for a team, yet we sojourn focused on a initial solar encounter, that starts on Oct. 31.”

The booster sports a special carbon-composite defense to strengthen itself and a instruments from heated feverishness and deviation during a tighten flybys.

Those instruments will make a accumulation of measurements during a encounters. The Parker Solar Probe’s observations will assistance researchers improved know a sun’s structure, combination and activity, NASA officials have said. And a information could assistance solve dual long-standing solar mysteries — why a sun’s outdoor atmosphere, or corona, is so most hotter than a surface, and what accelerates a charged particles of the solar wind to such extensive speeds.

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