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Agent confirms Le’Veon Bell will expected skip training camp, news to Steelers for Week 1

After failing to pointer him to a long-term agreement before a franchise-tag deadline on Monday, a Pittsburgh Steelers substantially won’t be saying star using behind Le’Veon Bell until only before Week 1 of a arriving season.

On Tuesday, Bell’s representative reliable what we all suspected. Bell expected won’t attend in training stay and a preseason as he prepares to play underneath a authorization tab for a second uninterrupted season.

That won’t come as a warn to a Steelers. According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, “This has been a team’s expectancy all along.”

Speaking of expectations, nobody should design Bell’s deficiency from training stay and a preseason to impact his opening over a march of a season. He skipped training stay and a preseason final year underneath identical circumstanceshe incited down a Steelers’ agreement offer and opted to play underneath a authorization tab — and after a delayed start to a season, he proceeded to sum 1,946 yards and 11 touchdowns from scrimmage, that led to him removing franchise tagged for a second true season and here we are again articulate about Bell’s illusive holdout. 

The Steelers, who are distant and divided a best group in a AFC North, don’t indispensably need Bell to be during his best in Week 1. They need him to rise in Dec and January. Based on final season, his holdout shouldn’t impact his prolongation come a winter. 

“Le’Veon accepted a whole time what was during interest and what some of a pivotal factors were and consummating an agreement with a Steelers,” Bakari pronounced on ESPN, around NFL.com. “He is going to proceed this offseason a approach he always has. … He’s going to be prepared for a start of a season. … If story is any indicator there is no reason to doubt that.”

From Bell’s perspective, he needs to do all in his energy to safety his body. 

“It’s not a strategy, it’s not a ploy to vigour anyone,” Bakari pronounced on SiriusXM NFL Radio, per NFL.com. “It’s utterly honestly a approach to safety a body.

Bell, a 26-year-old using behind who should finally get his possibility to exam a marketplace after a entrance season, is right to prioritize himself in this situation. Preseason carries competence assistance him get prepared for Week 1, though he needs to be prepared for a 2019 offseason some-more than anything. And any dissapoint fans seeking Bell to prioritize a group over himself should also remember that since Bell is going to be a giveaway representative after a season, he’s never been some-more incentivized to play his best football, that in spin should assistance a Steelers win football games.

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