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Amazon’s Alexa Android app only reached 10 million installs on a Play Store

There is no denying that Amazon’s Echo inclination and Alexa voice partner are a outrageous success during this point. What started out as a uncanny small cylinder we can authority to play song and ask a few questions has now turn an whole choice of devices, an ecosystem that has engendered many integrations from thousands of companies worldwide, and has kickstarted an whole product difficulty and tech territory that was scarcely self-existent before it.

But given Amazon doesn’t hold any sales numbers for Echo devices, all we’ve had to go with are estimates from statistics companies or deceptive numbers from Amazon itself. For example, many reports had settled something along a lines of 8-10 million Echo inclination were sole in 2016. Then there’s all of 2017 to comment for, that depending on whom we trust could go anywhere from 20 to 28 million. But all we know for certain is that Amazon settled it sole millions of Alexa inclination only during a Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

For a some-more discernible number, here’s a Play Store implement count of a Amazon Alexa app: it only reached 10 million. According to AppBrain it took from Nov 2014 until May 2017 to strech 5M and afterwards it doubled that in only 7 months now. That means that 10 million users have downloaded a Amazon app on Android. These 10M could possess some-more than 1 Echo, or maybe some of them could possess 0 Echos and have downloaded a app to join an existent device set by someone else to sync their contacts and learn their voice. There’s also all a iOS users to comment for, and afterwards those who competence have gotten an Echo and shipped it to a nation where a Alexa app isn’t strictly accessible and so had to squeeze a APK from another source. Yeah… all in all, we duped we and this series doesn’t explain anything unequivocally per sales of Echo devices, though it’s fun to applaud milestones generally now as a whole year is sketch to a close.

So congrats on your 10 millionth install, Alexa, and here’s to 50 millions and beyond! Google Home already reached that, though we all know it’s since of all a Chromecasts.

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