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Android N Feature Spotlight: Night Mode Is Back With Expanded Features Including A Red Filter And Lower Brightness

When we got a initial demeanour during Android M in a dev preview final year, many of we were ecstatic to see an choice for Night Mode in a OS. After all, that white settings UI is upsetting to demeanour during in a dark. Google pulled Night Mode before a final build came out, though it’s behind in a Android N preview. It’s also most some-more robust.

In a M preview, Night Mode was in a developer settings. This time it’s partial of a complement UI tuner. You capacitate that a same approach as before—long-press a settings by-pass in a discerning settings, afterwards conduct kid he bottom of your complement settings to click by a warning. You’re looking for Color and coming Night Mode. There’s a toggle during a tip to spin it on and off, afterwards next that is a toggle for involuntary activation. This was available last year, though it wasn’t explained good during all. The phone will switch on your Night Mode settings automatically when a object sets in your stream location.

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The bulk of a settings are underneath a “When Night Mode is on” heading. You can have a OS use a dim theme, that was a usually underline in a M preview. Joining a element dim settings thesis is an choice to adjust a stain of your display. That relates a red filter to a whole OS, arrange of like a Twilight app though some-more fit since it’s (probably) function during a GPU level. See next for a design (the filter doesn’t uncover adult in screenshots). There’s also a underline in Night Mode to automatically reduce a brightness.

2016-03-09 13.17.35

What’s quite cold is we can use any multiple of these 3 facilities when Night Mode is on. If we wish a light UI though a red filter, no problem. Dark UI, no filter, and low brightness? Also doable. This is still a developer preview, though adding Night Mode to a UI tuner during slightest creates it seem some-more official. Not that UI tuner facilities can’t be forsaken before release. Let’s wish it creates a cut this time. Be wakeful if we try it, a toggles on this shade are flattering cart right now.

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