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Android Wear needs some-more than a new name to quarrel Apple Watch

Google usually rebranded a Android Wear watch height with a new name: Wear OS. This news arrives reduction than dual months before Google I/O, a annual developer discussion in that Google announces a new initiatives and program extended strokes. New Google hardware generally (though not always) hits around October.

Maybe Wear OS is an indicator that Google’s smartwatch plan is about to shift. That would be a good idea, given right now it isn’t accurately floating divided a competition… and a Apple Watch, in particular.

The Apple Watch took over a tip mark in tellurian wearable sales recently, according to IDC, notwithstanding a fact that it’s usually concordant with iPhones. Fitbit usually announced a Versa, a earnest infrequent smartwatch that will interface with any iPhone or Android and starts during usually $200. The wearable marketplace is growing. But where is Google in that picture?

The Fossil Group, builder of many of a Android Wear watch products final year, reported some earnest numbers: “In 2017, Fossil Group scarcely doubled a wearables business to some-more than $300 million, including 20 percent of watch sales in Q4,” pronounced Greg McKelvey, Fossil’s arch plan and digital officer, as partial of Google’s Wear OS announcement.

So it sounds like Android Wear — sorry, Wear OS — is still in a game. But a problem, for me, is that I’ve never found Android Wear watches to be utterly great. Google relaunched Android Wear over a year ago with new program and combined aptness smarts, and standalone phone functions. But Apple’s watch plan has modernized faster, with improved hardware. The Apple Watch S3 can be a phone, now. So can Samsung’s Gear S3, that runs on Tizen. Google, meanwhile, stopped adding mobile functions to watches after a muted LG Watch Sport final year.

And recently, instead of focusing on new features, Google has shifted to partnering with lots of conform watch brands from a aforementioned Fossil Group — including Michael Kors, Misfit, Skagen, Kate Spade New York and Emporio Armani — flooding a marketplace with too many identical products. Even odder, to me, is how many Android Wear watches dump facilities like GPS, visual heart rate tracking or NFC, a latter of that enables mobile payments.


Sarah Tew/CNET

All about iPhone compatibility

Google’s name change is clearly partial of a pierce to have a watches mount detached from Android. According to Google’s press release, a thought is to “build a wearable height for everyone.”

That’s a identical proceed to that which Google Home has taken: it’s something we don’t need Android for. And, actually, that’s been Google’s proceed all along: Offer everybody discerning entrance to Google. Google apps on a iPhone, on iPads, Google on a web, around Chrome, in Chromebooks.

Android Wear watches work with iOS, though not utterly well. The problem, largely, is that Apple’s program for connected inclination is some-more sealed down. Replying to notifications, transferring music, determining phone settings: it’s not going to occur like it can on an Apple Watch. Smartwatches, notwithstanding starting to turn standalone with cellular, still rest on phones to do be nearby. The iPhone has a vast footprint, and is a tough height to make deeply hooked-in wearables for.

But it matters: according to Google, one out of 3 new Android Wear watch owners also used an iPhone. That’s a large part, clearly, of a name change.

It should also be an event to rethink what a Google smartwatch should even be.


Quick app shortcuts, pop-up info… a good start, though not utterly enough.

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A new OS should rethink a whole thought again

After years of wearing smartwatches, I’ve schooled this: we don’t use apps often. we totally rest on glorious customized watch faces. we use voice commands to do things, though not all a time. Most of a time, we usually check a time and a few simple stats. And if something isn’t easy to do and discerning to access, we won’t use it.

Google’s creation large advances in voice AI, and building into a large AI participation in general. we wish a watch to simulate that, to be a intelligent assistant. But we don’t wish all of that respirating down my neck and perplexing to overassist me. we wish it to be a clearly working, clean designed device with good battery life and plain aptness tracking. To be laid back, or intent and some-more useful in a approach I’d indeed like. Also, something that could be smart home connected, a small Google Home on my wrist.

Maybe Google can take a step brazen and plea what Apple defines a smartwatch to be, emanate a bolder vision. Right now, Wear OS, Android Wear, whatever we wish to call it, feels like a garland of not-great program congested onto conform watch designs. Google nailed good turn watch faces, though we wish a rest.

Still anticipating for a Google watch

It’s a murky situation. And it’s drifted distant divided from a prophesy of a singular, torpedo Google watch product.

Google should make a possess smartwatch. I’ve pronounced it before, and we feel it’s even some-more loyal now. Google’s new hardware division, led by former Motorola Mobility conduct Rick Osterloh, has already done phones, VR headsets, speakers, cameras and headphones.

Could smartwatches be next?

Maybe, in a few months, Google will do something more. But I’m gripping my expectations in check.

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