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Another Pixel 3 XL trickle shows off wireless charging, some-more photos

There has been nonetheless another Pixel 3 XL leak, this time pleasantness of a Russian site Rozetked. We get to see even some-more pictures, acknowledgment of a wireless charging, and a critical maze about what a behind is done of.

The cinema demeanour a lot like what we saw in a prior leak, with a operative Pixel 3 XL and a front nick so vast it can substantially be seen from space. The dual front-facing cameras are still there.

After using a Russian-language essay by Google Translate, we get a bit of credentials about how all these leaks are happening. “Google done a large mistake” a translated essay reads, “and dual months before a recover of a smartphone, it missed a collection of finished devices.” Allegedly, there are a whole “batch” of Google phones floating around out there. A follow-up news from 9to5Google claims a Ukrainian black-market play is offered these ill-gotten Pixel 3 XLs for $2,000 a pop. This would explain given all a Pixel 3 XL leaks have been Russian-language so distant (this leak, a previous leak, and another trickle currently from @wylsacom) and given we haven’t seen any unchanging Pixel 3 photos. The leaks aren’t from a factory—which would substantially also furnish a unchanging Pixel 3—and they usually exist given Google mislaid a box of 3 XLs.

The many engaging partial of a trickle pertains to a questions lifted about a behind material. The leaker, who goes by a Twitter name “Максим Хорошев,” described a physique as “Glass on top, cosmetic below, we guess.” we insincere a behind was a singular piece of potion with a two-tone demeanour supposing by a new “etching” technique accessible to Gorilla Glass 6 phones. When we asked Хорошев about this on Twitter, he responded “I feel it like plastic. 3 XL unequivocally light. we see a seam.”

Glass phones are noticeably heavier than non-glass phones, so while a diagnosis to a element can infrequently chuck we off, job it “light” is a pointer a behind competence not be glass. There would have to be a join between a potion tip and a cosmetic back, and while that hasn’t unequivocally showed adult in cinema yet, a leaker claims a join is there.

Whatever a behind is done of, we know it’s not metal, given a Pixel 3 XL contains wireless charging. Хорошев posted a video confirming this, where he was means to put a 3 XL on a normal Qi horse and a phone started charging up. There’s even a new charging animation. Rozetked has also posted some camera samples from a 3XL unit, nonetheless a camera program is so early it identifies as “QCAM-AA” instead of “Pixel 3 XL.” The cinema demeanour fine, though when it’s this early, we can’t suppose a camera program is deputy of a final product.

For now, we wait. The best theory for a Pixel 3 and 3 XL launch date are Oct 4, only like a prior dual phones.

Listing picture by Rozetked

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