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Anthony Bourdain Suicide: Girlfriend, Asia Argento, Speaks Out After Chef’s Death

Asia Argento has damaged her overpower in a arise of her luminary cook beloved Anthony Bourdain’s suicide.

Argento, who recently done headlines by resolutely addressing Harvey Weinstein rape allegations during a Cannes Film Festival, was only as nakedly honest in a Twitter post Friday.

“Anthony gave all of himself in all that he did. His brilliant, intrepid suggestion overwhelmed and desirous so many, and his munificence knew no bounds,” a Italian singer wrote. “He was my love, my rock, my protector. we am over devastated.”

Argento, 42, asked that her remoteness and that of Bourdain’s lamentation family be respected.

Meanwhile, tears streamed down a face of Argento’s associate distinguished member of a #MeToo movement, Rose McGowan, as she non-stop adult about a shocking suicide.

“The universe would not be improved off but you,” she pronounced in a now-deleted video posted to amicable media. “Oh Anthony, why?”

McGowan also tweeted regard to others who might be considering murdering themselves, saying, “Please call a hotline. Please strech out.”

The self-murder of a 61-year-old horde of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” came only 3 days after engineer Kate Spade died by suicide.  

Bourdain was found passed by one of his closest friends, luminary cook Eric Ripert, in a hotel outward Strasbourg, France.

According to reports, Bourdain hanged himself. 

CNN’s Kate Bolduan teared up as she reported on her colleague’s death. 

“Every time he would travel on set we would always scream during him, ‘In my subsequent life I’m entrance behind as Anthony Bourdain!'” she said. “I wonder, is that because it’s so tough to routine this today?”

Bourdain lived in Manhattan, not distant from CNN’s studio. Before he became a TV star he was a successful cook and rose to celebrity as a author of New York Times bestseller “Kitchen Confidential.” He was famous as “the strange stone star” of a culinary world. 

President Obama, who done a guest coming on “Parts Unknown” in 2016, tweeted a touching print and memory of Bourdain. 

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