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AP-GfK Poll: Americans Blame Politics for Negative Outlook

It’s roughly a given these days that many Americans are dissapoint about a instruction of a country. But it’s not always transparent what’s pushing that sentiment.

According to a new Associated Press-GfK poll, Americans demonstrate a far-reaching accumulation of reasons because they’re not too penetrating on a approach things in a nation are going, though one stands out above a rest: restlessness with politics and how a supervision is working.

The survey, conducted in December, asked Americans to demonstrate in their possess difference because they consider things in a nation are on a right or wrong track. Some things to know about what Americans consider about a instruction of a nation from a AP-GfK poll:


Negative sentiments about a instruction of a nation seem disproportionately driven by disappointment with politics and a domestic system, a AP-GfK check finds. Forty-one percent of all those who pronounced a nation is streamer in a wrong direction, including 51 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats, listed during slightest one domestic reason for their disastrous outlook, distant some-more than listed an mercantile (14 percent) or unfamiliar process (17 percent) reason.

Fifteen percent of Americans named President Barack Obama as a reason for a country’s disastrous direction, creation a boss a singular most-mentioned reason. Nearly 3 in 10 Republicans mentioned Obama.

An additional 6 percent of Americans cited bad care in general. Five percent of all respondents mentioned a supervision or politicians some-more generally. And there was domestic finger-pointing: 6 percent of Democrats named Republicans or conservatives as a reason for a country’s disastrous direction; 6 percent of Republicans blamed Democrats or liberals other than a president.

The tip nonpolitical reason listed by Americans who pronounced a nation is headed in a wrong instruction was terrorism or radical Islam, cited by 11 percent altogether — 14 percent of Republicans and 11 percent of Democrats.


For years, a immeasurable infancy of a American open has pronounced a nation is headed in a wrong direction. In a Dec AP-GfK poll, 74 percent pronounced so, adult from 63 percent who suspicion that in October.

There’s a longstanding domestic order on this matter. In a Dec poll, 9 in 10 Republicans contend a nation is headed in a wrong direction, while fewer than than 6 in 10 Democrats contend a same. Among independents, 8 in 10 contend so. That order has persisted via Obama’s presidency, providing serve justification for restlessness with politics moulding views about a country’s direction.



For a 26 percent of Americans who feel good about a approach things are going, a biggest pushing force behind that appears to be a economy, a AP-GfK consult finds. Four in 10 cited a economy or jobs. Still, 17 percent mentioned domestic reasons for meditative a nation is headed in a right direction, too — 7 percent credited a president.



While few see a nation as on a right track, a immeasurable infancy of Americans —76 percent — contend things are headed in a right instruction for themselves and their families. Just 22 percent contend things are headed in a wrong direction. On this, there’s no domestic order — immeasurable majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents like how things are going in their possess lives.

For Americans observant things are going good for them personally, a tip reasons are financial security, listed by 18 percent, jobs (17 percent), family or adore (13 percent) and eremite reasons (10 percent).

Seven percent mentioned personal responsibility, while 6 percent mentioned tough work.

For those observant things aren’t going so good for them, a tip reason was personal finances or jobs. Nine percent blamed politics for feeling disastrous about a instruction of their possess lives.


The AP-GfK Poll of 1,007 adults was conducted online Dec. 3-7, regulating a representation drawn from GfK’s probability-based KnowledgePanel, that is designed to be deputy of a U.S. population. The domain of sampling blunder for all respondents is and or reduction 3.4 commission points.

Respondents were initial comparison incidentally regulating write or mail consult methods, and after interviewed online. People comparison for KnowledgePanel who didn’t differently have entrance to a Internet were supposing entrance during no cost to them.




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