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Apple Launches New 4K & 5K iMacs, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic …

These are unequivocally disappointing.

Why a ruin do they use Lightning for charging? It’s a Mac, not an iOS device, and USB-C connectors are accessible and would make most some-more sense.

Why is a energy pier on a rodent so badly placed so we can’t use it and assign it?

Why (from a Verge review) as a keyboard hereditary a same miss of transport as a deity-forsaken Macbook keyboard?

So most fail.

It’s worse than a fail. It’s a finish of a Mac if they keep this crap up. Apple can’t seem to make adult a mind if it wants to do USB-C or usually plain Thunderbolt DESPITE a fact Thunderbolt 3 creates a pierce to USB-C henceforth (somehow we think Apple will be a usually manufacturer on Earth that will keep a Mini-Display Port tie usually to parasite off each Mac user out there (save a fanboys; zero Apple does EVER ticks them off; they burst for fun during each misstep!)

The Lightning tie creates no clarity what-so-ever unless they are formulation on unleashing mice and outmost trackpads for a iPad (yeah that would make dingbat sense). The REAL reason is that they don’t wish to acknowledge that a Lightning connector was STUPID to make in a initial place. It’s usually USB2 speeds and USB-C creates it 100% OBSOLETE in each respect. So given aren’t they designign for USB-C when it’s a destiny of both desktops and mobile platforms everywhere on a Earth??? Why did they worry to put USB-C on a Macbook usually to not use it anywhere else when we KNOW that a whole universe will shortly be regulating USB-C ports for all (including Thunderbolt 3).

Why does Apple make 4K and 5K form machines and afterwards not give them adequate GPU energy to do anything though expostulate a GUI? (and even THAT was choppy as ruin on many machines until El Capitan and Metal came out!!!)

Apple seems spooky about removing their high-end models down in cost during a cost of functionality (3rd rate GPUs; aged tough drives, AMD anything….) and nonetheless they’ve got a Mac Pro that once again usually sits there apropos totally out of date, overpriced to ruin and not upgradeable even for a video label given they insisted on regulating tradition connectors instead of an attention customary inner container (guaranteeing we can’t make one into a ultimate gaming Mac distinct Mac Pros of years past that were during slightest present for a year they came out and could be done into an tangible useful desktop for non-pros even if it meant over-spending). Now there is no “high-end” Mac. They’re all two-bit compromises for markets that didn’t ask for them or wish them. It’s unequivocally imaginary how foolish their pattern decisions are. Maybe series Johnny Five should have spent some-more time in engineering and reduction time creation prosaic nauseous graphical changes to OS X!

How HARD is it to simply make a appurtenance that has an present i7, 16GB of impel standard, a REAL GPU (like a NVidia Maxwell able of indeed pushing a 4k/5k arrangement during serviceable support rates) and customary SSD drives of 512GB or larger internal? Is that unequivocally such a tough thing to make? Or would their large distinction domain simply cost a appurtenance out of a stratosphere? Given we KNOW Thunderbolt III is usually around a dilemma with all kinds of new goodies, we can’t see given anyone would wish to buy a new Mac right now that didn’t have to, let alone one with a Broadwell chipset in it when it’s already obsolete.

What we really wish to see is a Macbook Pro 15″ indication with Thunderbolt III regulating USB-C ports (plus a integrate of USB3 ports enclosed on-board for usability though a hub) and a capability of regulating an outmost high-end graphics label for gaming and a like (whether or not it’s using OS X or Windows by Boot Camp). In that case, a enclosed GPU wouldn’t be as critical given it would expected be docked for gaming and finally carrying a approach to ascent a GPU for such uses would meant a mechanism isn’t archaic in dual years (since CPU upgrades are typically delayed and not indispensable since GPU improvements make life or genocide for support rates in a brief duration of time).

In other words, we wish ONE Computer To Rule Them All. That means no some-more desktops though a cover that can block into a heart and turn a genuine desktop with one USB-C block and Thunderbolt III bandwidth. The iMac is not indispensable with such a mechanism apropos accessible nor any desktops solely for specific energy uses (leave that to a scrupulously done Mac Pro). But Apple seems unknowingly of such possibilities usually like they are blind to charity touchscreens for those that competence need/want them even if it’s usually in Windows mode (so they buy a Mac instead of a PC and so beget Apple distinction instead of losing a sale).

Ah, though Apple creates income (even if it’s mostly from phones and a like), screams a fanatics! Therefore they are 100% right during all times! LOL. :rolleyes:

Article source: http://www.macrumors.com/2015/10/13/apple-launches-new-imacs-magic-accessories/