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Asia welcomes Year of a Pig with banquets, church visits

Asia welcomed a lunar Year of a Pig on Tuesday with visits to temples, family banquets and a world’s biggest transport spree.

Celebrations took place via a region, from Beijing and Seoul to Hanoi and Singapore.

The streets of Beijing and other vital Chinese cities were still and dull after millions of people left to revisit kin or transport abroad during a year’s biggest family holiday.

Families collected during home for multigenerational banquets. Companies, shops and supervision offices sealed for central holidays that ranged from dual days in South Korea to a week in China.


Worshippers stood in line for hours during Hong Kong’s Wong Tai Sin Temple to acquire a new year by lighting incense.

Lana Wong, a distinguished Hong Kong actress, wore a pig dress for a event.

“My initial wish is for universe peace,” pronounced Wong, 88. “Everyone has food to eat, practice and houses to live in. The aged also wish a supervision will take improved caring of them.”


In Beijing, performers in normal Qing dynasty robes strummed zithers for a re-enactment during morning of a sacrificial rite during a Chinese capital’s Temple of Earth park.

An actor portraying an czar bent before an tabernacle as dozens of people in rite dress behind him.

Acrobats and drummers also performed. Vendors sole toys branded with a British animation impression Peppa Pig, that is enjoying a swell of recognition for a Year of a Pig.

“My wishes for new year are a promotion, a lift and anticipating a boyfriend,” pronounced a spectator, Cui Di, a 28-year-old worker of a unfamiliar company.


The holiday in mainland China is noted by a biggest annual transport bang as hundreds of millions of people revisit their home towns or transport abroad.

The railway method foresee mainland travelers would make 413 million trips during a three-week duration around a holiday.


Chinese set off billions of fireworks to applaud a new year. An blast during an bootleg fireworks emporium in southern China killed 5 people early Tuesday. Investigators pronounced it was triggered by fireworks set off by a shopkeeper outward a shop.


In Bangkok, people illuminated scent sticks and burnt paper income and other mystic offerings for defunct kin notwithstanding supervision appeals to equivocate contributing to smog.

Some shopkeepers sole mystic ballots to bake as offerings following central promises of an choosing this year, a initial after 4 years of troops rule.


In a North Korean capital, Pyongyang, visitors left bouquets of flowers during statues of former leaders Kim Il Sung and his son, Kim Jong Il.

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