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Asia’s AnyMind pulls in another $8M and expands into outside advertising

Asia-focused selling startup AnyMind Group has landed a serve $8 million in appropriation to tighten out a Series B turn and enhance into new verticals.

The association announced a $13.4 million lift behind in November, yet that has now stretched to $21.4 million interjection to an additional injection from VGI Global Media, a Thailand-based organisation that specializes in outside media, and Tokyo Century, a financial services organisation that has invested in Grab, among others. Japanese messaging app Line and Mirai Creation Fund, that is corroborated by Toyota, are among a strange investors in a round, that valued a association during $200 million — yet it isn’t transparent if that series has increasing with this new tranche of investment. The association has now lifted tighten to $36 million to date.

AnyMind, which was before famous as AdAsia, started with a concentration on internet advertising, yet has given stretched to offer HR and selling services. There are also serve straight expansions following this capital. AnyMind is relocating into outside promotion in Thailand — by a corner try with VGI focused on covering commuter routes and open ride — while, also in Thailand, it has acquired YouTube media association Moindy. Both of these moves are expected to come with informal expansions serve down a line, according to AnyMind, that has a sizeable bureau in Thai collateral city Bangkok.

Finally, AnyMind is also rising another new service: CastingAsia Creators Network, that is a network of amicable media influencers to element a selling and promotion media units.

Here’s some-more credentials on a association from our progressing news on a progressing Series B announcement:

AnyMind was founded in Apr 2016 by Japanese twin CEO Kosuke Sogo, the former handling executive of Japan’s MicroAd in APAC, and COO Otohiko Kozutsumi, who had been with MicroAd Vietnam — and both group are desirous with their skeleton to grow.

Indeed, notwithstanding being reduction than 3 years old, AnyMind says it has been essential given early 2017. It pronounced sum income for 2017 was $26 million, adult from $12.9 million one year previous. In an talk with TechCrunch, Sogo pronounced he expects income for this year to be some-more than double that of 2017. He combined that Southeast Asia, where a organisation initial set a focus, accounts for a lion’s share of revenue, with a one-year Japan operation pulling a remaining 30 percent.

Today, a association has 12 offices — including a product growth core in Vietnam — and a services are benefaction in 11 markets opposite Asia. It has some 330 staff, adult from 90 only 18 months ago, and serves some-more than 1,000 clients opposite a 3 businesses.

Article source: https://techcrunch.com/2019/03/22/anymind-pulls-in-8m/