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Baker Mayfield overcomes adversity, provides hint in 19-17 detriment to a Bills

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Baker Mayfield had one touchdown pass nullified by a chastisement and another topsy-turvy by video examination on Friday, though he hung in there and supposing a second-half hint that gave rain-soaked Browns fans a glance of a future.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t adequate as Bills third-string quarterback Nathan Peterson threw a game-winning 35-yard touchdown pass to give Buffalo a 19-17 feat in a preseason’s second game, dusk both teams’ annals during 1-1.

Still, it was swell for Mayfield, who overcame some adversity on his final dual drives to put 10 points on a house after 6 scoreless possessions. He left with a Browns on tip 17-13 with 12:33 remaining in a game.

Playing with and opposite backups, Mayfield finished 7 of 13 attempts for 75 yards though a TD or interception for a 71.0 rating. He was sacked once and ran 4 times for 9 yards.

Jackson says Bryant had ‘a good visit’

A dear chastisement wiped out a touchdown pass and forced a margin goal, while another scoring pass was overturned. He played in a pushing sleet and had unsure protection. But he kept grinding.

“He was winking during me so we don’t consider he was disturbed about anything,” pronounced manager Hue Jackson. “That’s what we adore about him. (QB) Tyrod (Taylor) is a same way, and (QB) Drew (Stanton) is, too. Those guys like to play. They know football is a tough diversion and infrequently it doesn’t go a approach we wish it to, though we usually keep operative during it and things spin around. That is what we saw occur with Baker.”

Mayfield, entrance in after Taylor played a initial 4 series, managed usually one initial down on his initial 3 drives. But he got rolling on his fifth possession, stepping adult in a slot and attack parsimonious finish Devon Cajuste for 26 yards. Mayfield strike Derrick Willies with a 2-yard TD pass in a finish zone, though Cajuste was flagged 10 yards for pass interference. It was a third such call of a night.

“We have to demeanour behind on fasten and find out accurately why,” pronounced Mayfield. “Yes, we have to discharge those penalties since they harm us large time.”

The Browns staid for a Ross Martin 31-yard margin goal. With a sleet entrance down hard, Mayfield stepped in on his sixth and final expostulate and engineered a 9-play, 65-yard possession that finished with a 1-yard TD run by Nick Chubb.

One play before a TD, Mayfield quickly had a TD blur to Willies, usually for replay to retreat a call.

“I do not remember (winking during Jackson),” Mayfield pronounced with a laugh. “Either approach we scored and that is a good partial about it.”

He concurred that a slot wasn’t always clean.

“Football is not perfect,” he said. “That’s since we fun about a things in 7-on-7 in practice. You have to copy carrying to pierce in a pocket, carrying to chuck ungainly angles and pierce around people. It is usually unequivocally singular that we have a ideal pocket. It is usually a approach it is.

“You usually have to play round during that point, and that is something we will be operative on and gripping my eyes downfield. When it came down to it, dual of those longer drives that we had, we had good pockets.”

Jackson was tender with Mayfield’s toughness when a rush was on.

“He did [face open pass rushers], and he didn’t blink,” pronounced Jackson. “That’s what we adore about him.

“Baker is still stability to keep his eyes downfield, and there are a integrate of times when he got strike early. That was H2O off a duck’s behind to him. ‘Let’s keep going.’ He led us down there a integrate of times and put us into position to score. He did some good things. At a same time, we have to finish some drives and finish some other drives by safeguarding better. We have to.”

Mayfield, who’s played 13 series, felt improved with his diversion government this week.

“We didn’t have a crew composition problems that we did final week,” he said. “I consider in and out of a huddle, we were some-more fit with a time. We were means to get some opposite intonation calls worked in there. Those are a kind of things … that we wanted to eliminate, and we hoop that things and afterwards we will speak about a penalties and we get over that. Then we start personification unchanging football, and we give yourself an event to make large plays.”

Mayfield also felt a adore from fans during FirstEnergy.

“It was good to get in front of your possess throng for a initial time,” he said. “That’s usually how it is always is. We did some things good and showed a intensity a small bit, though it was good to get out there in front of them, even if a continue was not that great. It was good.”

He also common a margin with Josh Allen, whom a Browns deliberate drafting. Allen, who will expected start a deteriorate for a Bills deliberation that A.J. McCarron suffered a damaged collarbone, had a good outing, generating points on all 3 of his drives. He finished 9 of 13 attempts for 60 yards with one touchdown.

Mayfield feels a reciprocity with his 2018 QB classmate.

“I consider that goes behind to that we played together during Senior Bowl on a same team,” he said. “We used together each day. When we go by things like that and we go by practice, we kind of see a genuine chronicle of somebody instead of portraying or observant about him. You indeed get to see it adult tighten and personal, and we unequivocally like Josh, a good man and apparently unequivocally talented.”

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