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Beijing ‘will not surrender’ to US ‘trade blackmail,’ Chinese media says

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China state media mocks Trump's explain of trade fight win

China’s state media continued a assertive tongue opposite U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration, accusing Washington of being “double-faced” amid an ongoing trade dispute.

“Pointing China with (sic) gun and artillery and afterwards seeking for a talk, a U.S. showed 0 sincerity,” said a People’s Daily journal late on Monday.

“Washington is personification double-faced strategy in a ongoing trade war,” a central journal of a Chinese Communist Party pronounced in a editorial.

The Trump administration has threatened to slap some-more tariffs on an augmenting volume of Chinese products while promulgation signals “through several ways that it is peaceful to negotiate with China,” it said.

“From $50 billion, to $200 billion and afterwards a due $500 billion, from 10 percent to 25 percent, Washington’s tariff diversion has been seen by by China,” it added.

The U.S. is regulating “carrot-and-stick tact to brag China into uneven trade concessions,” though any pierce to “defeat China” will be futile, pronounced a People’s Daily.

The Communist Party paper pronounced that Beijing would overcome a American “trade blackmail,” adding: “China will not obey to a US, nor could it omit a trade war. The usually approach is to face it and win it.”

On Tuesday, a central English journal China Daily also took issue with Trump’s Sunday comments on Twitter that tariffs “are operative large time.”

The altogether U.S. trade necessity jumped 7.3 percent in Jun and is on lane to strike a 10-year high, remarkable China Daily.

“Certainly, his explain of feat over China in a stream trade battle, and remarks such as China is ‘doing feeble opposite us’ and ‘we are winning’ are zero some-more than sad meditative and directed during covering adult a mistreat his administration’s conflict on Chinese trade is doing to a U.S. economy,” a China Daily editorial said.

This trade understanding might be what Trump needs to take on China


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Article source: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/07/china-media-on-trade-war-beijing-will-not-surrender-to-us-threats.html