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Beyonce Cements ‘Queen of Coachella’ Status With Masterful Second Show

In a week given Beyoncé marched into Coachella as a drum majorette with a 100-member band, remade a traditionally stone hurl festival into a homecoming jubilee during an HBCU and combined another climax – Queen of ‘Chella, natch—to her collection, her uncover has been lauded as historic, a game-changer, and launched her even serve into that “greatest performers of all time” conversation.

But after a dancer mentioned that some surprises would be tucked into their second uncover this weekend (and Coachella announced it would not live tide a concerts like final weekend) oddity over what Beyoncé and rope had underneath their berets – and how they could presumably tip their initial weekend – meant an even larger-than-usual throng surged toward a categorical theatre before Bey’s scheduled 11:05 p.m. set time.

Turns out, a changes essentially were cosmetic, and with good reason. With a theatre uncover as full-blown and perplexing as this, that was 6 months in a making, there’s no such thing as tweaking a tiny something here or adding an additional bit of choreography there. Move a wrong piece, and a whole thing tumbles like Jenga.

Besides, a uncover is as unblemished as we heard. If we rolled your eyes during what seemed to be hyperbole, we weren’t alone – yet from pregnancy to execution, this competence be a many inspired, singular, courteous and officious savage of a theatre uncover we’ll ever see.

Prancing onstage, Queen Beyoncé looked each bit a stately in a silver-spangled Balmain bodysuit, garment and headdress that once again removed Queen Nefertiti. The palette this weekend shifted not usually from dark and bullion to silver, yet also from bumblebee yellow to an eye-popping pinkish in a leotards, uniforms and college-casual sweatshirt Beyoncé wears in a initial half of a uncover (The cutoffs and fringed, shimmering boots remain, as good they should.)

It’s a pointer of a nauseous robe to always wish for a bigger, improved or usually plain opposite understanding that a throng began to skinny usually 45 mins or so into Bey’s set, when it became transparent a uncover was going to be most a same as we watched final week (a good evidence for murdering a live tide altogether, maybe?).

Too bad, since they missed a one warn guest, J Balvin, who popped in for “Mi Gente.” Otherwise, a 27-song set list remained a same, as did a guest list. Beyoncé kept it mostly to friends and family again, bringing out an roughly puppy-excited Jay-Z for “Déjà Vu” and Solange for “Get Me Bodied” and another darling onstage dance celebration that creates we wish we were a Knowles sister. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams emerged in silver-dusted white ensembles for Destiny’s Child reunion partial dual – yet a girls did seem to have some-more fun this weekend than last, generally when Beyoncé done a slight misstep and giggled before promulgation them off with “Give it adult for my best friends.”

In fact, a biggest change between a dual shows seemed to be Beyoncé herself. Last week, a tiny yet outspoken fortuitous disparaged a uncover with a kind of censure that seems submissive on a surface, yet turns darker when burst open: “The uncover is too perfect.” It’s an insult that would usually be lobbed during a woman, and generally during Beyoncé’s headlining set – as a few writers remarkable in their pieces final week, she was “too perfect” since she had to be too perfect. Beyoncé’s performances have seemed staged down to a eye hurl before, yet final night, she seemed loose, a tiny giddy. Maybe it was meaningful a initial uncover had been perceived so well, or maybe she was usually relieved to have such a high-pressure uncover off a docket. Whatever it was, she was some-more desirable and off-the-cuff than we can ever remember saying her.

Except for when she growled “Suck. On. My. Balls.” Everybody needs a tiny piquancy with their sugar. 

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