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Beyonce ‘Formation’ New MV Features 4-Year-Old Daughter Blue Ivy

Prior to her Super Bowl appearance, cocktail diva Beyonce finished a warn recover of a new singular called “Formation,” a strain video of that featured her 4-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

Vanity Fair noted that a lane was finished accessible for disdainful download on Tidal, a streaming use of her father Jay Z.

It remarkable that a strain video of a strain (shown below) also facilities a pleasing Blue Ivy, who was seen eating a white dress.

According to Daily Mail, a strain and a video seemed to be a really special one given Beyonce’s desirable small daughter seemed on it along with other friends who also wore radiant dresses.

On a other hand, Pop Sugar said Blue Ivy also showcased some critical looks while ran around with some of a girls in a video.

It also pronounced that her cuteness can't be denied in a new strain release.

Daily Mail, meanwhile, remarkable that a thespian seemed on a video wearing a bodysuit that suggested her disruption and voluptuous curves.

It was also celebrated that Beyonce also sported new conform trends from designers such as Rosie Assoulin, Chanel and Zimmermann. One of a many eye-catching was her span of red Gucci blouse and dress that was reportedly taken from a Spring 2016 collections.

Aside from her conform matter and Blue Ivy’s appearance, Vanity Fair pronounced a video also shows a military automobile submerged in H2O with a graffiti summary that review “Stop Shooting Us.”

In a explanation on a video, The New York Times said “Formation” overwhelmed on military cruelty, black financial energy and even Hurricane Katrina.

New York Times cocktail strain censor Jon Caramanica common that a timing of a recover of a strain and a video was “meticulous” given she is set to perform a same square a day after during a half time uncover of a Super Bowl.

“She’s in scenes that advise a fantastical post-Katrina hellscape, though radically rewritten. She straddles a New Orleans military cruiser, that eventually gets submerged (with her atop it). And during a finish of a clip, a line of riot-gear-clad military officers surrender, hands raised, to a dancing black child in a hoodie,” explained Caramanica.

He remarkable that it was finished with a high turn of creativity and dexterity that sends a summary of a domestic movement.

Because of a definition of a video, Tampa Bay said that it could positively be a personality for a 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

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