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Bill Cosby Juror Says He Voted to Convict Because of Entertainer’s Admission He Gave Quaaludes to Women

A juror who convicted Bill Cosby on sexual attack charges final Thursday pronounced Cosby’s prior acknowledgment that he gave Quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with was a wilful cause in his vote.

“I consider it was his deposition, really,” Harrison Snyder, 22, a youngest juror in Cosby’s hearing for drugging and intimately assaulting Andrea Constand, told match Linsey Davis of ABC’s Good Morning America in a shred that aired Monday morning.

“Cosby certified to giving these Quaaludes to women — immature women — in sequence to have sex with them.”

Cosby made a acknowledgment in a deposition for a 2005 polite fit filed by Constand, who was an worker of Temple University in 2004 when Cosby intimately assaulted her at his Elkins Park, Pennsylvania mansion.

In his deposition, Cosby certified he gave Quaaludes to a 19-year-old lady he met in Las Vegas he after had sex with, and pronounced he did a same with “other people.”

He also certified he had 7 prescriptions for Quaaludes in a 1970s, and his profession pronounced he kept those drugs until 2000.

Cosby staid a lawsuit brought by Constand in 2006 and his deposition was after sealed, though in 2015, a decider unblocked portions of it.

Snyder told GMA that he was hardly wakeful of who Cosby was before a trial, and pronounced he hadn’t listened about a accusations from some-more than 60 women that Cosby has unperceiving or intimately assaulted them. Cosby has denied all of a accusations.

Bill Cosby

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“I unequivocally didn’t know a lot. we knew he was an actor. we knew that he did The Cosby Show. we never watched The Cosby Show or anything — a small too immature for that,” he said.

On a dozens of allegations opposite Cosby, Snyder said, “I didn’t know anything. we don’t watch a news, ever. So we didn’t even know what he was on hearing for.”

Harrison Snyder

Last week noted a second time that a jury has deliberated Cosby’s fate. In 2017, another jury spent 6 days before they announced they were incompetent to come to a consensus. Judge Steven T. O’Neill ruled they were hopelessly deadlocked and announced a mistrial.

At Cosby’s prior trial, dual of his accusers testified that he had committed identical crimes opposite them. At his latest one, 5 accusers were authorised to testify.

But Snyder, who pronounced he has “no doubt” of Cosby’s guilt, pronounced he would have voted to crook even but a other accusers’ testimony.

“In a deposition, he settled that he gave these drugs to other women. we don’t consider it unequivocally indispensably mattered that these other 5 women were here since he pronounced it himself, that he used these drugs for other women,” Snyder said.

When asked if the #MeToo transformation had any impact on his preference to judgment Cosby, Snyder pronounced it didn’t, since he wasn’t wakeful of a transformation until after a trial.

“I unequivocally usually found out about it after we got home, that we looked online to see what all was. we didn’t unequivocally even know about a #MeToo movement,” Snyder said.

Cosby was convicted on 3 aggravated faulty passionate attack charges, any of that carries a jail sentence of adult to 10 years.

After a verdict, Cosby’s profession Tom Mesereau pronounced a invulnerability skeleton to appeal.

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