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Bitter cold grips eastern Asia

Temperatures have plummeted in eastern Asia as a coldest continue in decades hits a region.

The wintry atmosphere bloody south from a Arctic, with Beijing saying a limit heat of only -13C on Saturday.

The cold atmosphere afterwards continued south, ensuring that given 3am on Saturday night, Shanghai’s heat has remained subsequent freezing. The heat should be nearer 8C during this time of year, though on Sunday a limit was -4C.

In Chongqing, residents were treated to their initial layer given 1996. The surprising continue paralysed tools of a city, withdrawal thousands of travellers stranded during a airport.

Meanwhile in a southeastern range of Fujian, solidified sleet coated a landscape with thick ice. The weight of a solidified H2O caused trees to crawl and powerlines to snap, triggering countless powercuts.

The cold continue dug serve south still, promulgation temperatures in Taiwan and southern China spiralling.

Taipei’s daytime heat forsaken from 15C to 8C, and Hong Kong’s heat has forsaken usually via a day and a night given Thursday.

On Sunday, a heat dipped to 4C in a vital financial centre, a lowest indicate in scarcely 60 years. Frost is now powdering a surrounding towering tops, though a cold snap is now entrance to an end.

Conditions should urge opposite a segment over a subsequent few days as a cold atmosphere gradually subsides.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

Article source: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/01/bitter-cold-grips-eastern-asia-160124093023790.html