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BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch Video Shows Off A Prototype With Interchangeable Modules

Modular pattern is a entrance thing in smartphones… during slightest it is according to LG and Motorola Lenovo. But what about smartwatches? At slightest one organisation seems vigilant on translating a thought to wearables. The BLOCKS pattern uses a required smartwatch physique that houses a primary screen, battery, and SoC, though adds additional functionality around modules that snap into a physique like links in a steel band. It’s a lot like a Project Ara idea, though integrating a modules into a organic rope creates for a surprisingly superb product.

BLOCKS had a successful Kickstarter campaign that finished in late 2015, though a video above is a initial denote we’ve seen that a judgment can indeed work. The malcontent shows off a watch that rolled off of a Chinese public line in a near-final form, and according to a company’s press materials, it’s already regulating Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 2100 SoC generally designed for wearables. BLOCKS is formed on a mutated chronicle of open source Android, though is not privately using Android Wear.

The modules demonstrated so distant embody an additional battery, an LED flashlight, a heart rate monitor, a sensor procedure with heat and barometric pressure, and a spacer with a normal watch rope clasp. Modules can be plugged into a watch itself or any other in any order, and users can request unchanging aged watch straps if they so choose. The categorical physique is steel, though modules use cosmetic casing.


As engaging as a video seems to be, a malcontent doesn’t indeed use any of a modules plugged into his watch. The closet thing we get to saying a modules in operation is a fact that there’s a flashlight couple on a powered-up unit. That being a case, it’s tough to suggest it as a pre-order for $330 (with 4 enclosed modules). The BLOCKS is scheduled to boat out to backers in October.

Article source: http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/06/11/blocks-modular-smartwatch-video-shows-off-a-prototype-with-interchangeable-modules/