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Bloomberg Politics Unveils New ‘Masters in Politics,’ ‘Culture Caucus’ Podcasts

Bloomberg Politics is rising dual new podcasts — “Masters in Politics,” hosted by Tammy Haddad and Betsy Fischer Martin; and “Culture Caucus,” hosted by John Heilemann and Will Leitch.

The podcasts will any post biweekly, starting with “Culture Caucus” on Friday. The uncover explores a intersection of politics and cocktail culture, with try entrepreneur Fred Wilson as guest, and the reorganization in late-night domestic comedy.

Heilemann is handling editor of Bloomberg Politics and Leitch is contributor/writer.

“Masters in Politics” will underline interviews with candidates, strategists and debate journalists. The initial guest will be Jeb Bush, whose speak will be expelled online on Tuesday. Another guest will be J. Ann Selzer, Bloomberg Politics and Des Moines Register pollster.

Haddad, former executive producer of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” and Fischer Martin, former executive writer of “Meet a Press,” launched a podcast “Trail Talk” final year, with interviews with such total as Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Lindsey Graham.

Even yet many news outlets are opposed for interviews with candidates, Haddad and Fischer Martin contend that they are also looking for places where they can have an extended conversation. The podcasts customarily are 30- to 60- mins in length.

“It is opposite from a wire news hit,” Fischer Martin said.

Haddad pronounced that a podcast offers an cognisance that listeners can’t get in other media. Candidates speak about about things, such as what shaped their beliefs and what motivates them — topics that won’t get seared after one news cycle.

“Culture Caucus” will simulate a fact that “politics intersects with flattering most all in a lives,” Heilemann said. The uncover will be an prolongation of Leitch’s beat. He’s lonesome sports, party and technology, though has created about a increasingly crossover by possibilities into a non-political area to strech audiences. He points to a new example: Ted Cruz tweeting out a shave of he “jump a shark” part from “Happy Days” when responding to Donald Trump.

Heilemann remarkable that “one of a things that is unequivocally loyal is we are vital in a universe where there is not most eminence between high and low culture.” Candidates now seem on “Saturday Night Live,” “Meet a Press” and “Monday Night Football,” and a ability to perform on all those shows “is a peculiarity we design from a presidents,” he said.

The podcasts are a initial for Bloomberg Politics, that has platforms that embody a news site, digital video and a nightly TV uncover “With All Due Respect.” Bloomberg has a series of business podcasts, including “Masters in Business” hosted by Barry Ritholtz.

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