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Bob Stoops’ visualisation no longer can be devoted after recover of Joe Mixon video

For dual years we’ve famous accurately what Oklahoma using behind Joe Mixon did to Amelia Molitor in a Norman, Okla., sandwich shop.

After she pushed him and slapped him opposite a face, he punched her with a harmful cranky to her left jaw, breaking 4 facial bones and withdrawal her quiescent and in a pool of blood on a tile floor as he walked out of a restaurant.

On Friday, a public saw a surveillance footage of a incident for a initial time. The stage was striking and gut-wrenching to any chairman with a demur or clarity of decency. Yes, Mixon was pushed and slapped by Molitor, yet his punishment, delivered on Molitor’s face in a flash of rage, did not fit a crime.

When we see a video, it becomes formidable to understand how a punishment handed out by Oklahoma manager Bob Stoops, OU jaunty director Joe Castiglione, and propagandize boss David Boren — a one-year cessation for a afterwards 18-year-old, five-star beginner using behind — fit Mixon’s crime.

Because it’s one thing to know what happened in Pickleman’s on Jul 15, 2014, and it’s another thing to see it happen.

To usually be told how a eventuality unfolded is to leave it to a imagination, and one’s imagination is full of biases. The mind’s eye doesn’t see with 20-20 prophesy — there’s cloudiness and ambiguity, and while no one disputes a story, everyone, on conference or reading it, saw it differently.

Perhaps this is what Stoops and a Oklahoma coronet wanted.

Take a word for it — it was bad, yet it wasn’t as bad as we competence imagine.

But what else could a open trust when Mixon kept his scholarship, took a redshirt, and then ran a ball 282 times over a subsequent dual years as a vital partial of a Sooners’ back-to-back Big 12 champion teams?

So prolonged as a occurrence remained ambiguous, Stoops and Co.’s punishment remained pardonable — there was trustworthy deniability, since we didn’t know accurately what went down.

You were only going to have to trust Bob.

But now that a video is out, Stoops, Castiglione, and Boren no longer have that trustworthy deniability — they saw a video a month-and-a-half after a occurrence as partial of a roughly 40-person gallery during a Norman Police Investigations Center, and instead of booting him from a team, they motionless that Mixon holding a redshirt year and remaining on grant was sufficient punishment.

In doing so, Oklahoma showed a loyal values of a propagandize and a football program.

Also in that viewing gallery were members of a media, who did an glorious pursuit in revelation a story of accurately what happened that night, provident no space to stress any fact of a incident.

Thousands of difference were written, yet we were reminded Friday that a three-minute prolonged notice fasten is value distant some-more than a thousand difference we can get for a single picture. You can do a math.

Many competence now trust that Mixon got off easy in light of the surveillance tape’s release, yet a inspection should be destined not during a 18-year-old who has finished his self-evident time, both in a eyes of a law and a Oklahoma football program, yet rather Stoops and a OU administration.

Stoops competence play reticent on a lot of things when it comes to his football program, yet he can’t stretch himself from this decision.

Outside of a Mixon occurrence in a year 2014, Stoops:

• Saw starting linebacker Frank Shannon be dangling by OU after a propagandize investigated a passionate attack explain opposite him. Shannon returned to a Sooners’ football group for a 2015 season.

• Accepted Dorial Green-Beckham into a Sooners’ module after a gifted far-reaching receiver was kicked out of Missouri after it was purported he forced his approach into an unit and pushed a lady down a staircase. The decision to take in DGB warranted Stoops a reprove from a United States Senator.

• Signed Dede Westbrook. Stoops has recently claimed to have no thought about a Heisman Trophy finalist’s alleged two domestic assault incidents, which are pronounced to have occurred before Westbrook eliminated to Oklahoma. Stoops said, “We have endless credentials checks. … I’m not partial of that. Again, so I’m not certain how that happened.”

Again, that was only 2014, and that was only with players.

It’s not even holding into comment that 3 of Stoops’ former partner coaches, who landed conduct coaching jobs after operative for a Sooners, were dismissed from those conduct coaching positions for mistreating players.

When we start adding context, Stoops’ Mixon punishment starts to make some sense.

But here’s a bigger doubt — when we take all into account, since would anyone trust Stoops again?

No one could be so genuine to consider that had Mixon not been a five-star partisan — had he been a three-star awaiting during a bottom of a Signing Day press recover and not a vital recruiting manoeuvre for OU — Stoops wouldn’t have cut ties with a using behind following a occurrence all together.

Just like he wouldn’t have taken in Green-Beckham, who was arguably a best far-reaching receiver in a nation, or authorised Shannon to lapse to a group (though there are massive legal issues endangered in that scenario), or even signed Westbrook — yet they were all top-flight talents, so they all got a advantage of a doubt from Stoops.

Hopefully, Stoops never gets that same pleasantness from a media, fans, or OU administration again.

That’s since it seems that as distant as Stoops is concerned, winning comes initial and goodness comes second – and it certain seems like oftentimes with a Sooners, these dual ideals conflict any other.

Or maybe Oklahoma is only a high-profile instance of a approach things work in college football now.

Either way, it’s astray to a immeasurable infancy of a players on Oklahoma teams, both past and present, that since Stoops opted to be kindly in punishing Mixon for his transgression, their reputations are now during slightest partially sinister by proxy.

It’s astray to Molitor, who had to see her former propagandize celebrate, in full throat, the male who pennyless her face a small some-more than a year after a incident, a half-mile divided from where it happened.

And it’s even astray to Mixon, whose box is now being re-litigated by a infamous justice of open opinion since Stoops wanted to keep his cherished partisan in a program. It’s tough to make a many of a second possibility — deserved or not — when your initial possibility isn’t a sealed chapter.

No one comes out of this unscathed, yet if story is any indicator of what happens next, it’ll be Stoops who ends adult slightest influenced by it all.


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