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Brexit subsequent steps: How did my MP vote?

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MPs have given their subsidy to a offer seeking a supervision for a change in a law so a Brexit date can be altered, should Parliament opinion to check a UK’s depart from a European Union.

The magnitude was due by Labour MP Yvette Cooper and upheld by 502 votes to 20.

In an progressing opinion Labour had a Brexit policies deserted by MPs. Labour personality Jeremy Corbyn had pronounced his celebration would behind another EU referendum if a devise was defeated.

MPs also approved, but a vote, an amendment from Conservative MP Alberto Costa job for a insurance of a rights of UK adults in a EU and clamp versa.

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Labour’s choice Brexit plan, that aims to safeguard that a UK joins a etiquette kinship with a EU after Brexit, was again degraded by MPs.

However, an amendment from a backbench Labour MP, Yvette Cooper, did pass after it perceived support from ministers.

The amendment contained Theresa May’s joining on giving MPs a opinion on loitering Brexit if both her understanding and no-deal are deserted by MPs.

How did your MP opinion on prior Brexit debates?

Article source: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-47392522