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Business Community Shocked That Trump Might Impose Import Tariffs

CNN reports that a business village is repelled during a suspicion that Donald Trump might levy import tariffs when he takes office:

Two sources who paint business interests in Washington tell CNN that a male in line to be White House arch of staff, Reince Preibus, has told pivotal Washington players that one suspicion being debated internally is a 5% tariff on imports….Priebus, a sources said, was warned such a pierce could start trade wars, annoy allies, and also harm a new administration’s bid to boost a rate of mercantile expansion right out of a gate.

One of a sources pronounced he noticed a suspicion as a hearing balloon when initial raised, and deliberate it passed on attainment given a clever greeting in a business community — and a famous antithesis to such protectionist ideas among a GOP congressional leadership. But this source uttered new alarm Tuesday after being told by allies within a Trump transition that fortifying new tariffs was partial of a acknowledgment “murder board” use of Wilbur Ross, a President-elect’s choice for commerce secretary.

You know, we mostly feel kind of contemptible for all a working-class folks who voted for Trump since they fell for his con. But we know who we don’t feel contemptible for? The business community, that mostly upheld Trump since they suspicion they were too intelligent to be conned. He won’t really levy tariffs. He won’t really take punish on companies that pierce jobs overseas. He won’t really moment down on all those bootleg immigrants we give a dirtiest jobs to.

They only wanted their taxation cuts and their pet regulatory changes. They didn’t caring about all that racist, nativist, protectionist blather. It was only for show, anyway, wasn’t it? Ha ha ha. Right?

Well, Paul Ryan might save them in a end. We won’t know for a while. But these are rich, prepared folks. They knew who Trump was. They knew he was spectacularly unqualified. They knew he was thin-skinned. They knew he was unstable. They knew he was egotistical. They knew he was vengeful. They knew he was dangerous. But they upheld him anyway since they wanted their taxation cuts. If they eventually find themselves on a business finish of Trumponomics, I’m only going to distortion behind and snicker during them.

Article source: http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2016/12/business-community-shocked-trump-might-impose-import-tariffs