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Caitlyn Jenner Criminal Charges NOT Likely

0820-bruce-jenner-infphotoThe L.A. County D.A. now has a Caitlyn Jenner case, and sources connected to a bureau tell TMZ a initial view is that a collision was a comfortless collision though not criminal. 

Our sources contend a attorneys in a Major Crimes section that reviewed a L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. 161-page news suspicion it was applicable Jenner braked several seconds before impact in an try to equivocate attack a Lexus on PCH in Feb  … a collision that killed a Lexus driver.  

The D.A. could record misconduct vehicular murdering charges since Jenner disregarded a speed law by not loosening down fast enough. But a D.A. doesn’t automatically record rapist charges since a motorist was inattentive. It customarily has to be some-more than elementary loosening to trigger a prosecution. 

It’s engaging … a D.A. did not assign an L.A. County Sheriff’s emissary who was typing on his unit automobile mechanism final year and drifted into a bike line murdering a man, so it seems doubtful they’d record opposite Jenner, who was not on a phone or texting.

We’re told a D.A. should make a preference within a week.

Article source: http://www.tmz.com/2015/08/26/caitlyn-jenner-car-crash-district-attorney/