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California Priest Gets Prison in Sexual Abuse During Flight

A California-based Catholic clergyman was condemned Monday to 6 months in jail followed by 6 months of home capture for groping a sleeping lady seated subsequent to him on an airliner.

Marcelo de Jesumaria, 46, was condemned in sovereign justice in Los Angeles. A jury found him guilty in May of transgression violent passionate hit after a mistrial in March.

Jesumaria overwhelmed a sleeping woman’s buttocks, breast and groin during a night moody final Aug from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, according to prosecutors.

The woman, a model, says she woke adult as Jesumaria was touching her and reported a abuse to moody attendants and after an FBI agent. Jesumaria told a representative that he enjoys “cozy flights” with women and purposefully altered his chair to be subsequent to a woman, yet he denied touching her, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors contend Jesumaria was means to switch seats by fibbing to a moody attendant that a lady was his wife.

Jesumaria’s attorney, Steven Cron, argued that his customer didn’t merit prison, observant he’s in therapy and understands a earnest of his actions.

Cron pronounced Jesumaria frequently offering to beg guilty to a misconduct assign yet prosecutors wanted a transgression conviction.

“Someone could contend he brought it on himself. But we consider a same summary could have been brought as a misconduct conviction, that would have authorised him to continue as a clergyman with a unrelenting warning about his behavior,” Cron said. “Now that’s over, and we consider that’s a unhappy finale to this tale.”

Jesumaria was formerly with a Diocese of San Bernardino, California.

The parish pronounced in a matter that Jesumaria’s actions are “sinful and unlawful.”

“We private him from method in a parish immediately after we became wakeful of this claim in November,” a matter said. “We are deeply sentimental of any mistreat that might have occurred as a outcome of his actions.”

Prosecutors argued that Jesumaria’s testimony blamed a plant and deliberate his touching her consensual “because she did not reject his touches and he interpreted her silence, since she was asleep, as ‘coyness.’ “

Cron concurred that Jesumaria now realizes “it was inapt to hold her during all but her consent.” He pronounced Jesumaria maintains that he never overwhelmed a lady in any private areas.

The lady pronounced in justice Monday that she’s now aroused and anxious, and that she’s constantly reminded of a experience, partly since she frequently flies for work, pronounced Thom Mrozek, a orator for a U.S. Attorney’s Office.

In a content summary to her representative during a flight, a lady wrote: “So we was defunct and woke adult (because) we could feel someone touching me,” according to justice records.

“This climb subsequent to me was groping me, my bust and butt!” she wrote. “He had a full-on hold and afterwards we woke adult and he wouldn’t let go of me.”

Flight attendants reported that a lady was pale, jolt and on a verge of tears when she reported what happened. Flight attendants changed a lady to another seat, and a FBI arrested Jesumaria on landing.

Cron pronounced Jesumaria many recently has been vital and operative during a trickery run by a church, yet not as a priest. He has dual months to news to jail to start his sentence.

“He’s contemplating, praying and focusing on a subsequent partial of his life,” Cron said.


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