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Camp report: Price as advertised

Ohio State’s smart-player-good-guy-reliable-center Billy Price arrived as advertised as a 10-year pro that he is.

For a initial time as pronounced pro Thursday, a rookie Price snapped a round in live group drills that usually happened to come on a initial day of training camp. And, for a many part, he helped quarterback Andy Dalton negotiate a new playbook to a flattering plain initial day that enclosed a few bombs for an offense desperately wanting some fireworks down a field.

Then Price surfaced it all off by signing some-more autographs than a U.S. treasurer, or during slightest violation a Bengals rookie record set by Rey Maualuga 9 years ago given he stayed as prolonged a fans did as a 85-degree day died a delayed genocide on a Paul Brown Stadium use fields.

Oh yeah, there were those 3 snaps that were put on a ground, though Dalton excluded him.

“Obviously we never wish to put a round on a ground, though for a initial time in a while he had a man in front of him while holding a snap underneath center,” Dalton said. “I consider for him he usually has to get used to a intonation and used to how we’re doing things. It’s a initial day for him. He’s got a lot that he’s meditative about right now. The easiest thing is removing a snap. You don’t wish to over manager that given he knows what he’s doing.”

But afterwards there’s this, too. Price didn’t work in group drills during a open as he rehabbed from shoulder surgery, so Thursday noted a initial time ever in his life live in 11-on-11 that he delivered a snap with a quarterback during center. At Ohio State it was all shot gun all a time. Except for dual snaps opposite USC.

“A integrate of things we’ve got to change, like gnawing when a round is ostensible to be snapped. Don’t tail it when we’re using right on my right boundary impertinence and keep it on a hit indicate during all times,” Price said. “Yeah, you’re not used to that speed. we haven’t played football given Dec. 29 and a final guys we played opposite were college guys. Playing opposite veteran athletes, we’ve got some talented, discerning guys over there and we wasn’t awaiting it. we theory we undervalued their quickness. It was my initial day, so we will get that corrected. It was my fault.”

Price pronounced it over and over. Blame me. But, really, it was a flattering good day. Considering there were some acquire to a NFL moments. Hey kid, accommodate Geno Atkins, six-time Pro Bowler, first-ballot Hall-of-Famer and customarily proprietor calamity for rookies. Geno has been famous to eat rookies for all 3 Sunday meals, though Price didn’t let it get divided from him.

“Kind of got on my initial introduction. Carl Lawson got me on a turn and illuminated me adult flattering good,” Price pronounced of a right end. “Geno is each bit as advertised … First day, I’ve got to repair some things. Obviously a underneath core snap isn’t something we did during Ohio State. You’ve got to learn by fire.”

But with assistance from a vanguard of a line, seven-year left ensure Clint Boling, Price was means to do adequate uniformly not to demeanour out of place notwithstanding it being his initial practice. And things were relocating not usually in front of him, though subsequent to him, where Alex Redmond and Trey Hopkins were both holding snaps with a initial group during right guard, as good as Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher during right tackle.

“That’s a thing I’m disposition on Clint (for) a lot for things right now,” Price said. “It was my pursuit over a summer time to investigate and make certain we was prepared entrance in day one, day two, day three, day four. Kind of settle a tinge and an opinion on that line and that room. If you’ve got a core on a right page and a tackles on a right page, afterwards 9 times out of 10 things will go well.”

It competence not be a snap, though it looks headed that way.

PLAYER OF THE DAY: Wide receiver Tyler Boyd

Boyd and Dalton picked adult right where they left off, that 49-yard touchdown pass with 44 seconds left to hit a Ravens out of a postseason in a deteriorate culmination in Baltimore. Boyd uniformly held 5 of Dalton’s 10 completions in 11-on-11 (out of 12 attempts), all in a center of a margin he owned handling essentially out of a slot. The many considerable play might have been a Dalton dart thrown by a parsimonious window of safeties Josh Shaw and Brandon Wilson and Boyd tracked it and held it before yanking it out of traffic.

Boyd was substantially a second best receiver of a open behind A.J. Green, though some consternation if a traits that make him so effective in a container interpret to a outside.  

“He’s quick. He gets subdivision flattering fast and his remarkable movements can get him open,” Dalton said. “That’s large for a container player. We’re awaiting a small some-more prolongation out of a slot. He’s ideal for it.”

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