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Cancer Patient Wins A Year Of Free Pizza, Donates It To Food Bank: ‘I Just Wanted to Give Back’

Josh Katrick had only undergone his eighth turn of chemotherapy for colon cancer when he perceived a bit of good news.

The 36-year-old was told he won giveaway pizza for an whole year from his area pizza grill in Northampton, Pennsylvania, though instead of immediately going to get a cut he paid it brazen and donated his present to a internal food bank, CNN reports.

“You know a saying, ‘When life gives we lemons make lemonade,’Well, when life gives we pizza, give divided a slice,” he told a news outlet.

Katrick, who was diagnosed in July, had been eating during Mario’s Pizza given he was a child and was one of 1,200 people to enter a competition. The leader would get dual vast pizzas and soda, each month for a subsequent year.

After receiving an email on Friday from a grill revelation him he won, Katrick responded seeking if he could give a giveaway pizza to someone else.

“We asked a question, ‘Who are we thinking?’ and he said, ‘Northampton Food Bank.’ And it kind of, like, it strike a nerve…in a heart,” pronounced manager Frank Grigoli.

The grill felt that his unselfish act couldn’t go neglected and done certain he would still get his prize.

“I suspicion someone would win, they’d be excited, come in and get their pizzas, though a story like this to come out of a competition like that…” Giuseppe Aiello, a son of a family-run pizzeria’s co-owner, told WFMZ.

Katrick, who had medicine for his cancer in September, didn’t consider twice about his decision.

“After all we went by these final few months — we met so many people and have been receiving so most — we felt we wanted to give back,” Katrick told CNN. “The food bank are really thankful. They’re vacant by it. They will put it to good use.”

His munificence doesn’t stop there.

“Maybe I’ll share with my friends on Facebook [and] make a competition of my possess to see if anyone would like some pizza,” he said.


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