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Canelo Alvarez Is Boxing’s Present and Future After Gritty Gennady Golovkin Win

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Saul “Canelo” Alvarez had a lot of frustrations to get out Saturday night during a T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Since his final fight—a argumentative separate pull with longtime middleweight kingpin Gennady “GGG” Golovkin—a storybook tale had morphed into a nightmare. 

First, there were a failed drug tests and a repute left shattered. Then there were a intimations of cowardice, that he wasn’t “Mexican” adequate in style or substance, that he was unfailing to be remembered some-more for a bouts he mislaid than a many he’s won.

For an whole year there was small Canelo could do though take his lumps. Never a media darling, he was even some-more sealed than was customary, clearly filled with a fury that desperately indispensable an outlet. But when a bell rang to start a rematch with Golovkin, it was finally time to strike back.

In a initial bout, Canelo ceded a center of a ring to a fearsome Golovkin, something each warrior via a Kazakh’s career has possibly finished or paid a terrible cost for unwell to do. Not so in a second tilt. This time, as promised, Canelo stood his ground, holding a quarrel to GGG with rare success, winning a infancy preference after 12 exhausting rounds.

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“He’s a good opponent,” Canelo told HBO’s Max Kellerman after a quarrel as Golovkin rushed out of a ring to a locker room. “But each good warrior needs a rival. we was that rival. we showed it tonight.”

Almost immediately, as Canelo unleashed devastatingly quick hooks and uppercuts that caused a ability throng to cry out in pleasure or despair, something truly conspicuous happened. GGG, who had won a record-tying 20 middleweight pretension fights, wilted underneath Canelo’s postulated attack.

The younger male by 8 years, Canelo, 28, didn’t usually exclude to take a back step—he indeed began subsidy Golovkin adult consistently, wearing divided during both his cheekbone, that was shortly a splendid red, and his psyche.

But Golovkin didn’t turn a vital fable by a merest coincidence. A convene was inevitable, and he never stopped perplexing to land one of a thudding blows that had done him a cult figure on HBO’s fighting broadcasts. Occasionally, he would send right palm blast into Canelo’s face, eventually opening a cut over his left eye early that never utterly closed. 

If these blows worried a new WBA and WBC champion, he did a good pursuit of stealing it.

“He was joining with punches,” Canelo conceded. “But they were few and distant between.”

Golovkin, to his credit, never quit, winning a 10th and 11th rounds on all 3 judges’ scorecards. Seemingly anticipating himself with a fight, and his legacy, on a line, Golovkin pulpy Canelo into a ropes for a initial time in a bout. In a initial detriment of his prolonged career, Golovkin (38-1-1) showed a Hall of Fame impression his critics have been watchful to see.

In a final stanza, a younger male came out swinging. In a past, installed with muscle, Alvarez seemed to fear fading during a finish of a prolonged bout. This time he took it to a champion until a bell, winning a turn and a quarrel with heart and will as most as his higher fighting skill.

Heading into a matchup, Golovkin had succeeded a late Andre Ward as Ring magazine’s new pound-for-pound champion, a fabulous pretension that crowns a sport’s best warrior regardless of weight class. With a victory, it’s usually wise that Canelo reinstate a cowed favourite on a throne. 

A lot of fighters are lovable technicians and have sharp entrances and exits—boxing maestros who force even a sharpest censor to concur that sparring can indeed be a science. A lot of fighters are tough brawlers, able of commanding their will on both their possess physique and their opponent’s. 

Very few are both, that is what creates Canelo’s expansion as a pugilist so impressive. He throws each punch with authority, from a building poke to a kind of physique shots that make fans recoil from median opposite a arena. When a impulse calls for it, he can pierce out of harm’s approach with alacrity. But when a time is right, he’s also some-more than prepared to play Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots with a meanest mugs on a planet.

Already a sport’s most renouned star, Alvarez valid opposite Golovkin he’s also a best warrior in boxing. His sole setback, a 2013 detriment to Floyd Mayweather Jr. when he was usually 23 years old, usually done Alvarez better, heightening his fighting skills and emphasizing a significance of artistry and craft. Against Golovkin, he valid he could also mount in a slot with a generational energy puncher, holding and delivering blows as required to win.

For a initial time given Mayweather’s departure, it feels like fighting has a new standard-bearer. The middleweight aristocrat is dead. 

Long live a king.


Jonathan Snowden covers fight sports for Bleacher Report.

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