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Cavaliers vs. Pacers 2018 results: Cleveland stays alive behind LeBron James to tie array during 2-2

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a pulse. The Cavs outlasted a Indiana Pacers, 104-100, to win Game 4 and tie a array during 2-2. LeBron James again carried Cleveland, yet it was a three-point sharpened from his ancillary expel that done a difference.

Cleveland cumulative a win with a 10-2 run late in a fourth entertain keyed by a outrageous three-pointer from Kyle Korver. Korver and J.R. Smith any knocked down 4 threes and total for 30 points to give Cleveland a supplemental scoring punch it needed.

LeBron took it from there. James was shining again opposite 46 minutes, finishing with 32 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists. He went 0-of-5 from three, yet was a longhorn going to a basket and income (8-of-9) from a tainted line. It’s a 100th time in James’ career he’s scored 30 points in a playoff game. Think about that.

Indiana was in this diversion until a really end. Victor Oladipo struggled, finishing with 17 points on 5-of-20 shooting. His teammates picked him up. Domantas Sabonis was involuntary inside, heading Indiana with 19 points. Myles Turner (17 points) again played an fit diversion and even strike 3 threes, while Lance Stephenson combined 11 points and 5 assists while again vitriolic LeBron all night.

Jordan Clarkson also combined 12 points for a Cavs.

The array is now tied during 2-2 entering Game 5 in Cleveland. The Cavs indispensable this win badly, and they got it.

Here’s a using blog of what happened during a game.

Cavaliers 104, Pacers 100, final.

A Victor Oladipo triple cuts a necessity to three, afterwards Stephenson forced a tie-up following a inbound pass. The referees reviewed a play and motionless Stephenson fouled Jeff Green on a play, Green got dual giveaway throws and a diversion was radically sealed.

Here’s a call:

Cavaliers 99, Pacers 95 (2:20 in a fourth)

A outrageous 3 from Kyle Korver gives Cleveland a fourth-point lead. He’s got 16 points.

Pacers 91, Cavaliers 89 (6:12 in a fourth)

The Pacers have 7 players in double total in scoring, yet no one with some-more than Domantas Sabonis’ 19 points. It’s a good illustration of who these Pacers are as a team: so unselfish and balanced, with each actor on a building able of attack an outward shot and fortifying their position.

The Cavs are in for a ruin of a quarrel if they wish to equivocate going down 3-1 in this series.

Also: Lance Stephenson is being really Lance Stephenson.

Cavaliers 87, Pacers 87 (8:17 in a fourth)

That competence even be an understatement when we cruise how it plays into LeBron James’ giveaway group decision.

The Cavs led by as many as 16 in a initial half. This is huge.

Cavaliers 73, Pacers 68 (5:44 in a third)

Last 5 scoring possessions:

— JR Smith three.

— Bojan Bogdanovic three.

— Jose Calderon three.

— Bojan Bogdanovic 3 (again).

— Kyle Korver three.

Let’s gooo.

Cavaliers 60, Pacers 50 (halftime)

Another game, another double-digit halftime lead for Cleveland, who got 23 points on 8-of-11 sharpened from a boiling LeBron James in a initial half to go with 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Jordan Clarkson combined 12 points for a Cavs and didn’t skip a shot.

Cavaliers 40, Pacers 28 (8:53 2Q)

J.R. Smith has 9 early points for Cleveland, including this 3 from over half justice to finish a initial quarter.


The Cavaliers have their backs opposite a wall — well, figuratively. They inexplicably forsaken Game 1 and find themselves in a 1-2 necessity opposite a distracted Pacers group looking to strengthen home court. That doesn’t bode good for Cleveland in a efforts to lapse to a NBA Finals for a fourth true season.

The Cavaliers can wear all a suits they want; that won’t assistance them play a invulnerability they need to delayed a fast-paced Pacers down. What Cleveland needs is continuity, and maybe a few other rotational pieces. It’s too late for either.

The Pacers and Cavaliers are confronting off for what will be a inhuman Game 4 in Indiana. Victor Oladipo has been zero brief of outstanding. So has LeBron James. But Indy’s purpose players have run circles around Cleveland’s, and there are no signs that will change any time soon.

Cleveland is but George Hill, that means Jose Calderon will get a start. That’s a 36-year-old being tasked to dart around a court, chasing a speedster, Darren Collison. Good fitness with that.

If a Cavaliers remove on Sunday, they’ll tumble to a 1-3 deficit, and even yet a array is changeable behind home, they’ll need to win another diversion on a highway if they’re going to make it out of a initial round. LeBron James has never been separated this early into a playoffs. Will this be a year The King’s strain comes crashing down?

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