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CBN News Travels to Middle East with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo | CBN

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Kuwait Tuesday dusk on a initial leg of a Middle East tour.

He’s streamer a US commission during a third US-Kuwait Strategic Dialogue to speak about confining Iran’s change in a region. Then Pompeo will be streamer off to Israel and Lebanon.

CBN News is covering a outing adult tighten and personal. Our Chief Political Analyst David Brody is roving with a secretary and he’ll be sitting down with Mr. Pompeo for an talk while in Israel.

The secretary will be assembly with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who’s confronting a hilly re-election bid after being charged with domestic crimes. Pompeo and Netanyahu will be enchanting on vicious informal issues and deliberating a Trump administration’s ‘dedication to monitoring and combating anti-Semitism’ that has been flourishing around a world, even in a US Congress.

CBN’s talk will atmosphere on The 700 Club after this week.

On a side note, Pompeo is not statute out a destiny domestic career. He says he won’t run for US Senate in 2020, though many assume he could lapse to his home state of Kansas to run for governor.
In a new talk with a Wichita Eagle, a secretary of state didn’t put an finish to those rumors. Instead a righteous and outspoken Christian incited to God, saying, “The Lord will get me to a right place.”



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