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China defends Tibet policies 60 years after Dalai Lama fled

BEIJING — China is fortifying a often-criticized order in Tibet 60 years after a Dalai Lama fled into outcast amid an overthrow opposite Chinese control, observant those who doubt a policies are merely biased.

The central Xinhua News Agency pronounced in an editorial antiquated Saturday that mercantile growth, increases in lifespan and improved preparation in a segment rebut a claims of critics.

Tibet is ruled underneath a smothering Chinese confidence sweeping and many Tibetans abroad contend a Himalayan region’s resources are being exploited for Beijing’s advantage while Tibet’s denunciation and singular Buddhist enlightenment is gradually being destroyed.

The Dalai Lama has been vital in a northern Indian city of Dharmsala given he fled from Tibet after a unsuccessful 1959 overthrow opposite Chinese rule. Beijing accuses him of seeking to apart Tibet from China, that he denies.

At slightest 3,000 Tibetans marched by a core of India’s collateral on Sunday. Invoking India’s concerns over China’s expanded energy in Asia and beyond, a marchers shouted slogans including “Tibet’s leisure is India’s security” and “India-China loyalty is a sham.”

China claims Tibet has been partial of a domain for centuries, nonetheless many Tibetans contend they were radically eccentric for many of that time. Communist infantry took control of a segment in 1950 after a brief troops struggle.