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China detains HK male over ‘drone plot’

An exhibitor flies a worker during a open book of a Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Hong Kong, China, 13 Apr 2016.Image copyright

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File footage of a worker seen during an wiring satisfactory in Hong Kong

A Hong Kong male has been arrested in China in tie with a tract to use a worker to interrupt a high turn Chinese revisit to Hong Kong, pronounced state media.

The 56-year-old, named Guo, was arrested in Shenzhen with 4 others, Xinhua said, adding that he had links to Hong Kong pro-democracy activists.

Security is high forward of a revisit on Tuesday by a third-highest ranked member of China’s Communist party.

It comes amid concerns in Hong Kong over division by Beijing.

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According to Xinhua, a Hong Kong pro-democracy romantic “had told Mr Guo to buy a drone” that would be used for “disruptive activities” during a high-level visit.

Shenzhen military pronounced a arrests were done on 6 May, South China Morning Post reported.

Zhang Dejiang, authority of a National People’s Congress and obliged for Hong Kong affairs, will be in Hong Kong this week assembly with business leaders and members of parliament.

He is a many comparison member of China’s Communist celebration to revisit Hong Kong given pro-democracy protests brought tools of a city to a delay in 2014 for months.

Hong Kong, a self ruling special segment is given freedoms not seen on a mainland underneath a “one country, dual systems” agreement done before it was handed behind to China by Britain in 1997.

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