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China Doesn’t Have Any Trade Problems With a US, Says Official

China and a U.S. are still in visit contention about a shared trade pact, notwithstanding a severe tellurian trade environment, a Chinese commerce central pronounced on Thursday.

China is penetrating to say open markets for a products as a economy grows during a slowest gait in 25 years, though it faces rising trade tensions as a imports mellow faster than exports, environment it adult for another record trade surplus.

Last year, a U.S. trade necessity with China was $336.2 billion, according to a U.S. Trade Representative’s office. Republican presidential claimant Donald Trump threatened on Wednesday to slap tariffs on Chinese products to uncover Beijing a U.S. is “not personification games anymore.”

The U.S.—China’s second-largest trade partner after a EU—has imposed anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese products and also brought cases opposite China during a World Trade Organization.


“The tellurian economy has not emerged from a difficulties, that has led a lot of countries to adopt trade protectionist policies,” China’s Ministry of Commerce orator Shen Danyang pronounced in a singular review with reporters over coffee in a Starbucks


cafeteria nearby Tiananmen Square.

Chinese steel exports have surged this year even as tellurian expansion stays weak, call complaints that China was transfer additional capacity.

“There is no justification China is transfer steel products. Growth in exports is due to larger competitiveness of Chinese firms, as costs have fallen,” Shen said.

In response to claims by a conduct of a U.S. Export-Import Bank (EXIM) Chairman Fred Hochberg that China gave a exporters 10 times some-more financing than a United States did in 2015, Shen pronounced there are disagreements on what constitutes subsidies.

If there are disputes, a dual sides can take it to a WTO, he said.

Shen did not offer any sum on skeleton announced on Tuesday to open some-more sectors to unfamiliar investment, though pronounced unfamiliar companies are not investing in China as most as before since foe from Chinese companies is increasing.

China is not partial of a U.S.-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) settle involving 12 Pacific Rim countries. TPP members have pronounced a agreement is not meant to aim China, that does not feel it is targeted. Beijing is alone posterior a informal horizon with a trade partners that omits a United States.

The biggest plea confronting China’s economy is a need to effectively exercise supply-side remodel to urge a structure of a economy, he said.

“There is direct for peculiarity products, though that has to be met with effective supply. It requires innovation, that is difficult,” Shen said.

“In a past, when confronting negligence growth, we would kindle demand—loosen financial policy, use mercantile measures. Now we are focusing essentially on regulating constructional supply-side reform. This is a right direction, though it’s not easy.”

Article source: http://fortune.com/2016/08/26/china-us-trade-pact/