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China Is Angry Over These Olympics

China arrived in Rio with large expectations. Its 711-member commission enclosed a largest patrol of athletes ever sent abroad. Swimmer Sun Yang was a inhabitant luminary on a corner of apropos a hero. The woman’s gymnastics group looked militaristically efficient. The nation still dominated border events like shooting. Then a Games began.

So distant a disturb of jaunty foe and rising award depends has been transposed by a call of controversies. China’s state-run media and internet users are consumed by annoy and frustration. The story winning Chinese amicable media over a past dual days? The best approach to calumniate Australia.

After swimmer Sun Yang finished second to Australia’s Mack Horton in a 400 scale freestyle, Horton steady his comments that Sun was a “drug cheat.” Earlier in a week Horton had referred to Sun, observant he didn’t have “time or honour for drug cheats.” The two-time bullion medalist Sun tested certain for a criminialized opiate in 2014 and served a light three-month suspension. The Chinese authorities didn’t recover news of a cessation until months later, after Sun competed in a Asian Games in Sep 2014.

Thousands of Chinese protested on Horton’s Instagram account. A standard respond read, “You showed no honour for a Olympic Games … your mouth is dog s—. Apologize to Sun Yang.” There were tens of thousands some-more posts on Weibo, China’s chronicle of Twitter, and WeChat.

The amicable media vitriol gained steam via a weekend.

China’s press got into a act today. The state-run Global Times leveled attacks on a impression of Australia. “In many critical essays created by Westerners, Australia is mentioned as a nation during a fringes of civilization,” it said. “In some cases, they impute to a country’s early story as Britain’s offshore prison. This suggests that no one should be astounded during uncivilised acts emanating from a country.”

China’s Olympics disappointment started even before Horton kick Sun for a bullion medal.

On a initial day of a Games, a 19-year-old West Virginia University tyro won bullion in a 10 scale atmosphere purloin event, withdrawal China’s shooters to china and bronze. Nor were China’s other good performances enough.

In women’s gymnastics subordinate yesterday, a Chinese group put together a fantastic group measure early in a day, usually for a U.S. group to pass them by 10 points after in a afternoon. The domain between a U.S. in initial place and China in second was larger than a one between China and 12th place Belgium.

Even yet China was second in award count by a finish of day three, usually trailing a U.S. by 4 sum medals, a Chinese Internet was filled with annoy and it didn’t uncover signs of ending.

Article source: http://fortune.com/2016/08/08/china-olympics-controversy/