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China apportion says trade fight with US would be ‘disastrous’

BEIJING (AP) — China says it will not trigger a “disastrous” trade fight with a United States, though is vowing to urge a inhabitant interests in a face of flourishing American protectionism.

The matter done by China’s Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan on Sunday is a latest response to President Donald Trump’s devise to levy complicated tariffs on alien steel and aluminum.

Chinese leaders have threatened in a past to retort opposite lifted trade barriers, though have nonetheless to take approach movement following Trump’s announcement.

Zhong pronounced during a lecture during a assembly of China’s rite legislature that a U.S. has been overstating a trade necessity with China by about 20 percent each year. The commerce apportion also blamed a trade imbalance in partial on controls over U.S. high-tech exports to China.

Article source: http://uk.businessinsider.com/ap-china-minister-says-trade-war-with-us-would-be-disastrous-2018-3