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China Orders Everyone in One Province to Hand Their Passports Over to Police

The Chinese supervision is requiring all residents of a Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in a country’s northwest to hand their passports over to police, a latest limitation on transformation in a excitable region.

The Global Times, a state-controlled newspaper, reported Thursday that a “passport-management policy” is being implemented opposite a whole unconstrained region, and requires all adults to spin in a papers and request for accede if they wish to leave a country.

According to Human Rights Watch, a passport remember policy has been in place given during slightest late October, and strikes shocking similarities to a supposed “two-tier travel” complement implemented in Tibet. Both policies have been noticed as capricious measures meant to shorten a leisure of minorities in superficial regions where most of a race rejects belonging to China.

Officials cited by a Global Times, on condition of anonymity, insisted a pierce is meant to contend open sequence amid what a supervision pronounced was a rising hazard of terrorism in a resource-rich segment that borders Central Asia. Xinjiang is home to some 10 million Uighur Muslims, many of whom have vibrated opposite what they contend is decades of taste such as controls on their sacrament and culture.

A series of lethal attacks in western China have been attributed to Uighur separatists, such as a 2014 knife conflict during a sight station in a city of Kunming that killed dozens of civilians and harmed about 130 others. The Chinese supervision has responded to a assault with ongoing counterterrorism and confidence operations.

The Global Times reports that a new pass process “will not impact typical people’s transport plans,” and would usually offer to keep criminals or people with “suspicious records” from going abroad. Rights advocates, however, contend a process is discriminatory, withdrawal trusting adults exposed to exploitation and risks exacerbating tensions.

“Chinese authorities have given no convincing reason for holding divided people’s passports, violating their right to leisure of movement,” HRW’s China executive Sophie Richardson pronounced in a new statement. “Doing so opposite an whole segment is a form of common punishment and fuels rancour toward a supervision in a segment where tensions are high.”

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