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China Says It’s Not a Reason Countries Are Buying a F-35 (It Totally Is)

A mockup of a Japanese F-35 during Hyakuri Air Base, Japan, 2014.
Image: Eugene Hoshiko (AP)

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Countries opposite a Asia-Pacific are not—repeat not—buying a F-35 Joint Strike Fighter since of China. That’s from China’s hawkish Global Times—an arm of a journal run by a Communist Party of China—which positive readers this week that, while they competence review stories that Australia, Japan, South Korea, and now Singapore are all purchasing America’s newest secrecy fighter, it has totally zero to do with them.

The outcome is an engaging demeanour during how a segment views China’s fast expanding invulnerability bill and an increasingly ardent and absolute Beijing—and how that news gets spun within China itself.

As we competence expect, troops and invulnerability is a renouned news theme among a Chinese people. Microblogging sites such as Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo cover not usually China’s flourishing troops energy though also tellurian troops affairs—particularly goings on in a Asia-Pacific and a United States.

Although during times fiercely nationalistic, depending on a author, a articles tend to have during slightest a avaricious honour for America’s superpower standing and modernized weaponry.

Australian F-35A, Avalon, Australia 2017.
Photo: Scott Barbour (Getty)


One trend a reader of even China’s censored news expected can’t assistance though notice: a lot of American-made F-35s are going to China’s neighbors, zero of whom are what Beijing would call tighten allies. Australia (72 jets), Japan (147), South Korea (40), and now Singapore (4) have all placed orders for a world’s many modernized secrecy jet.

If it had occurred to readers in China that maybe, somehow, all of this competence have something to do with China, a country’s Global Times journal announcement has a summary for them: it has zero to do with us. They’re usually replacing unequivocally aged planes, that’s all. Carry on.

According to this article in a publication, Asian countries are shopping a F-35 not “as a summary to China”, though since their “older fighters were intensely old-fashioned and they had to upgrade.”


Does Global Times have a point? Yes and no.

The 4 countries opposite a Asia-Pacific that are shopping a F-35 are indeed replacing aged fighters. Australia is replacing a aged F/A-18 Hornets, while Japan and Korea will reinstate ancient fleets of Cold War-era F-4 Phantoms (see above)—and some quite geriatric F-15 Eagles.


Singapore is shopping a exam collection of 4 jets—with some-more expected to come—to reinstate F-16 Fighting Falcons set to age out in 2030. So yes, these countries are replacing aged fighters. Global Times is positively right about that.

That doesn’t tell a whole story, however. Japan could have instead purchased some-more F-15s, Australia could have systematic some-more Super Hornets, and Korea could have simply bought glossy new F-16s. Ditto for Singapore. Yet all 4 of these countries instead purchased a many costly to buy, many costly to fly warrior of them all—the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II. In fact, Australia was an early adopter of a F-35A and never wanted anything else.

Why a F-35 over another jet? In a box of Japan it’s a outcome of approach tragedy with China over a East China Sea and a chain of void islands a dual countries both claim. South Korea enjoys mostly good family with China though realizes that it is extremely smaller than a neighbors and can’t means to demeanour weak. Singapore is a tiny nation vital in a bustling and difficult area increasingly permitted to China.


Chinese warrior jets—of Korean War vintage—as recently as Apr 2001.
Photo: Greg Baker (AP)

At a strategic, informal turn there are indeed signs that China’s invulnerability bill is creation her neighbors nervous. In 1989, China spent usually $18.3 billion on defense. But commencement in a early 1990s, China’s economy took off like a rocket, holding invulnerability spending with it. By 2017 a Stockholm-based SIPRI investigate organisation estimated China’s invulnerability spending during $228 billion. Although brief of a Pentagon’s $610 billion, it was orders of bulk aloft than Japan ($45.4 billion), South Korea ($39.2 billion), and Australia ($27.5 billion.)

For decades, a rest of Asia cared small about China’s fast troops growth. Despite a bad tellurian rights record, China was a comparatively acceptable member of a general village and a troops had a lot of throwing adult to do. It was usually in a early 2010s—after China began pulling for control of a South and East China Seas and picked really open spats with Japan, a Philippines, and Vietnam—that a rest of Asia’s invulnerability spending began to rise.


Between 2013 and 2016 opposite Asia, invulnerability budgets grew by during slightest 5 percent annually. In southeast Asia, invulnerability budgets are up 40 percent over a decade.

China’s J-20 warrior behaving during a Zhuhai Air Show, Nov 2018.
Image: Kin Cheung (AP)

The justification is that China’s military—coupled with China’s behavior—is in fact pulling invulnerability spending opposite Asia. China’s assertive unfamiliar policy, quite a intimidation campaigns opposite weaker neighbors and a militarization of a South China Sea with guns, missiles, and troops airfields, is shocking neighbors. China’s office of a possess fifth era secrecy warrior fleet, in a form of a J-20 and J-31 fighters, and a rumored Xian H-20 vital bomber, requires a approach response. For a time being, a F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is a usually diversion in town.


An consultant polled by Global Times inadvertently calls out a genuine problem for China: Beijing’s neighbors bought a F-35 because, “the 4 countries’ warrior jets were creatively all U.S.-made, as they are all core allies of a US in a Asia-Pacific region.”

This prompts a apparent question: because aren’t these countries core Chinese allies, and because aren’t they shopping Chinese fighters? That’s maybe a doubt a Global Times’ readers should consider prolonged and tough about.

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