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Chris Matthews: Not All Politics Is On Television, Clinton’s Nevada Victory Was Classic "Backroom Politics"

BRIAN WILLIAMS, NBC NEWS: It might chill we to hear that Chris Matthews is streamer adult a Las Vegas business today, though Chris, it was carrying watched hours of we that we listened Ralston contend that a casino caucuses, a dayshift workers who were authorised to come out and caucus, those were entrance in Clark County. The precinct of Las Vegas for Hillary Clinton, that, it turns out, incited it for her.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC: You know, we consider it’s an instance that we have to collect adult on ourselves, that is not all politics happens on television. It’s not all speeches. It’s not tv ads that are paid for. We give interviews to people. It’s not giveaway media. It’s not debates.

Things occur on a telephone. They occur in backrooms, occur in labor halls where labor leaders still have strength, they can rivet in polling operations and get people out of their homes on a pleasing Saturday like out here in this beautiful weather, to spend several hours inside concerned in this kind of wrestling compare to see how we indeed vote.

Off a shade is what happened here. Harry Reid is not Mr. Charisma, though he is one forceful figure.

Why do we consider he’s personality of a Senate Democrats? He can work a phones, work relations and has a good set of antennae to what’s going to happen. Hillary Clinton put together a good classification she’s finished many times before to make things occur and that enclosed a operative people here…

You saw democracy in action. It wasn’t a tv eventuality until a guy, Jacob Soboroff and of march Chris Hayes showed us a bit of it. What was going on, people, roughly this physicality kind of thing, underneath a basket, an NBA diversion or college game, we have to work your approach physically to a dilemma you’re going to. Being pulled back, wooed behind by a other side. It is fresh to watch. The Hillary Clinton people corroborated by, in fact led by Harry Reid who pronounced he’s not a narrow-minded in this baby, fat chance, they won, Rachel, in an inside game. It was not tv spectacular. It was good backroom politics.

Article source: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/02/20/chris_matthews_not_all_politics_is_on_television.html