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Chumlee Arrest Update: Woman Behind Sexual Assault Claim Identified As Pawn Shop Employee [Report]

Chumlee of Pawn Stars celebrity is available his May 23 justice date when he will face 20 transgression charges associated to drugs and weapons. As formerly reported by a Inquisitr, a existence star and pawn emporium appraiser was taken into control during a hunt of his Las Vegas-area home.

Police performed a hunt aver after a formerly unclear lady claimed that she had been intimately assaulted by Chumlee. Once inside a home, military found several equipment from unregistered handguns to bootleg drugs. Based on their findings, cops arrested Chumlee, engagement him on charges totally separate to a passionate attack case, according to a Associated Press.

“Police pronounced 12 guns were seized, trimming from handguns to a shotgun and assault-style MP5 and.223-caliber rifles. Four of a handguns were purebred to Russell, a news said. Most of a weapons were found in a bedroom protected safe, along with 17 multi-dose ‘bars’ of a stress drug Xanax and 7 capsules containing tiny amounts of methamphetamine, military said. One loaded.45-caliber handgun was found in a master bedroom nightstand drawer, a news said.”

Chumlee has not expelled a open matter of any kind, nor has he posted anything on amicable media given being expelled from jail on $62,000 bail. There have been few sum expelled given his Mar 9 arrest, though one new square of information has strike a internet this week.

According to a Morning Ledger, a lady who done a sexual attack claims opposite Chumlee has been identified. The news indicates that a lady indeed works with Chumlee during a Gold and Silver Pawn shop. Her name has not been released, and it is different if she has ever been on Pawn Stars or if fans of a uncover would commend her or know who she is. This information suggests that a purported passionate attack happened during work — during Rick Harrison’s shop. That means that there could be notice footage and/or witnesses to behind adult a claims — or to oppose them. This could possibly assistance Chumlee, or harm him.

Chumlee (real name Austin Lee Russell) has not been charged in a passionate attack case, though military reportedly took wardrobe and other equipment out of his home for contrast and analysis.

Since his arrest, Chumlee has hired attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld. The dual group contend that they are looking brazen to solution this case.

“We will be examining what was allegedly found and either a purported seizure was lawful,” they pronounced in an email.

At this time, many fans of Pawn Stars are wondering what will turn of Chumlee and what will occur with a renouned show. The History Channel has declined to criticism on a Chumlee situation, and there has not been any discuss of if/when filming for a uncover will resume. It has been formerly reported, however, that cameras were not filming Chumlee’s arrest. Any fans anticipating to see that kind of footage are simply out of luck.

The usually chairman to pronounce out publicly about Chumlee’s detain is Rick Harrison.

“We don’t have sum yet, though we are here to assistance Chumlee any approach we can,” Harrison told Fox News progressing this month.

Chumlee could be in most deeper difficulty than what people comprehend during this point. The military news did prove that Chumlee was storing drugs a approach in that a drug play would, that creates it sound like a existence star had something else going on a side. If Chumlee is found guilty of these charges (any or all of them), he could find himself behind bars. If he’s charged with passionate assault, that’s even some-more intensity jail time.

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