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CIA Director Gina Haspel Travels To Turkey To Investigate Killing Of Jamal Khashoggi


The Trump administration says it’s holding movement opposite some of a Saudi officials it believes are obliged for a murdering of publisher Jamal Khashoggi. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo done a proclamation today.


MIKE POMPEO: We have identified during slightest some of a people responsible, including those in a comprehension services, a stately court, a unfamiliar method and other Saudi ministries who we consider to have been concerned in Mr. Khashoggi’s death. We are holding suitable actions, that embody revoking visas, entering visa lookouts and other measures.

CORNISH: Meanwhile, Gina Haspel, a conduct of a CIA, is in Turkey currently to examine Khashoggi’s murdering during a Saudi consulate in Istanbul. NPR’s Greg Myre is here to tell us some-more about that visit. Welcome, Greg.


CORNISH: So what is Haspel’s purpose here?

MYRE: Well, she’s got a unequivocally poignant role, not usually with her pretension as conduct of a CIA. This is a place she knows unequivocally well. We know she speaks Turkish. In a singular debate recently, she pronounced Istanbul, along with London, are dual of her favorite cities in a world. The CIA never says accurately where somebody spent their clandestine days, though she clearly knows this place. She’s a player. She knows how a – how things take place there. And, remember; a U.S., Turkey and a Saudis are allies, and they’re conducting these arrange of apart investigations, though there’s also negotiations going on. This is substantially not expected to finish so most in a courtroom as in a domestic agreement and some arrange of negotiation. So that’s a pivotal thing we consider to keep watching.

CORNISH: So what is a White House anticipating to accomplish by promulgation Haspel there?

MYRE: Well, a boss clearly wants this to finish unequivocally quickly. He’s been unequivocally tighten to a Saudis. He wants to resume these tighten ties and have business go on flattering most as usual. But he’s been unequivocally unsuitable in his responses. He’s talked about a convincing investigation, and afterwards he’s talked about things he’s not so certain of – serious punishment though afterwards he talks about a value of arms deals. So he’s been all over a place. Here’s what he pronounced only today.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Somebody unequivocally messed up, and they had a misfortune cover ever and where it should have stopped is during a understanding standpoint when they suspicion about it since whoever suspicion of that thought we consider is in large trouble.

MYRE: So we consider a boss is looking for Haspel and Mike Pompeo to give him a clearer design of indeed what happened, who is responsible, so that there can be some arrange of transparent routine put in place.

CORNISH: In a meantime, Turkey has been divulgence some-more and some-more information any day about what they contend happened inside a Saudi consulate. Do we have a improved clarity about what they wish to occur next?

MYRE: Yeah. we consider we saw currently – President Erdogan gave this large speech, and he talked about this being a intentional murder. So he’s clearly still personification hardball with a Saudis. And they’ve got some genuine issues. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are rivals. Turkey wants to be seen as a preeminent Sunni-Muslim country. Turkey has a unequivocally bad economy. They would like investment from Saudi Arabia or Saudi contracts. So a Turks are expected to keep personification this out, sketch it out, since a Americans and a Saudis would substantially like to finish it adult flattering quickly. The Turks have, we believe, a audiotapes. There is still a doubt of where a physique is. So we talked to Bruce Riedel of a Brookings Institution, and here’s what he had to contend about a Turkish thinking.

BRUCE RIEDEL: we consider Erdogan enjoys examination MBS turn in a wind, and we consider he’s substantially going to play that diversion for some time to come.

CORNISH: In a meantime, we mentioned a Saudis wanting to pierce on quickly. How have they responded to all this?

MYRE: Well, currently was a commencement of this large business discussion in a capital, Riyadh, a supposed Davos in a desert. And Mohammed bin Salman, a climax prince, MBS, corroborated out, though afterwards he done a warn cameo coming and got a station ovation. So this is clearly a Saudi playbook to business as usual. Let’s find a approach out of this and pierce on. The large question, of course, will be will Mohammed bin Salman sojourn as a climax prince? His father is in his 80s and ailing. So far, MBS is still in line to attain him.

CORNISH: That’s NPR’s Greg Myre. Thank we for your reporting.

MYRE: Thank you.

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