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Clinton Says Russia Pressuring U.S. Allies in Europe

U.S. presidential claimant Hillary Clinton pronounced that Russia is putting consistent vigour on U.S. allies in Europe, a state-run TASS news group reported Friday.

Speaking during a pre-election discuss with associate Democratic Party claimant Bernie Sanders, Clinton also indicted Moscow of “attempting to array European countries opposite any other to benefit territory.”

The dual were asked to criticism on a debate given by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter progressing this week in that he named Russia as a categorical hazard to U.S. inhabitant security.

“The Secretary of Defense considers a consistent vigour that Russia is requesting to a European allies as an try to change a borders of Europe,” Clinton said.

Clinton pronounced a U.S. contingency “do some-more to support NATO countries,” adding that a U.S. contingency send a vigilance to Russia that a U.S. will respond to such behavior.

However, she did not criticism on either Russia is a categorical hazard to inhabitant security.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/558810.html