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CMO Today: Hulk Hogan Puts Gawker On a Ropes

Terry Bollea, famous as Hulk Hogan, was awarded $115 million in indemnification in his box opposite Gawker Media.

PINNED TO THE MAT: The Hulk Hogan contra Gawker hearing had all a makings of a good existence show: a leaked luminary sex tape, veteran wrestling, a argumentative media association and a First Amendment. Now it has something else: lots and lots of money. Late Friday, a Florida jury awarded a Hulkster, genuine name Terry Bollea, $115 million in indemnification in his invasion-of-privacy polite fit opposite Gawker for mercantile mistreat and romantic distress, reports CMO Today. That figure is flattering overwhelming and even some-more than a wrestler had asked for, yet Gawker has prolonged figured it would remove a box in front of a Hulk-friendly, St. Petersburg, Fla., jury. Additional punitive indemnification could still get tacked on, and Gawker will now conduct into a appeals process, arguing that pivotal justification per an FBI review was left out of a trial. If Gawker loses on appeal, a doubt is either a solvency of a company, that took on a minority financier progressing this year to assistance seaside adult a books, will be during stake.

OWNING TV: When it debuted in 2011, Oprah Winfrey’s TV network OWN had a tough time anticipating a approach in a swarming wire landscape. It struggled to batch a schedule, and had to give advertisers “make goods” for a year when it unsuccessful to broach a assembly it had promised. Now, as CMO Today reports, a network has had a critical turnaround, with primetime viewership flourishing 30% in a past dual years as rivals humour ratings declines. The network has stepped adult a strange programming and writer-producer Tyler Perry assimilated on in new years to broach 4 series. Ms. Winfrey has been many some-more concerned with a network’s programming, listening to pitches and reviewing scripts, executives say. Her association has a put choice that would need Discovery to squeeze all or partial of a interest during satisfactory marketplace value, and a initial window for that put choice closes during a finish of a month.

DIVERSITY BREAKDOWN: Like many industries, a promotion universe says it wants to step adult efforts to foster farrago in a ranks. But total on how those efforts are going are tough to come by. In a arise of a abdication of J. Walter Thompson Chief Executive Gustavo Martinez amid allegations of extremist and sexist behavior–which he denies–CMO Today decided to take a demeanour during a gender and secular breakdown during a vast ad holding companies. The pretence is that they all divulge opposite metrics and use opposite language, creation it tough to get a transparent picture. WPP, that owns JWT, pronounced in a 2014-2015 news that 26% of employees in a U.S. and U.K. were racial minorities. Globally, WPP pronounced 31% of a executive leaders were women. Omnicom, for a part, pronounced 28% of a U.S. talent bottom are “multicultural.” Interpublic pronounced minorities accounted for 26% of a “professional” talent bottom in a U.S. final year. Though they all news statistics differently, flattering many everybody in a attention agrees that there’s some-more work to be done.

MEASURING UP: “Measurement” certain doesn’t sound like a many engaging subject in media, yet it’s one of a many critical – and competitive. CMO Today reports that analytics organisation Moat, famous for tracking online ad viewability, has lifted $50 million in new appropriation to try and settle a new metric for digital ad buyers and sellers. Moat wants to take on large attention players like Google, Nielsen and comScore and have advertisers and media companies use a metric to underpin their online ad transactions. Meanwhile, with a partnership with Rentrak now closed, comScore has signed a understanding to concede Viacom to use a TV and digital dimensions collection in their data-targeting products, CMO Today reports. The understanding could put some vigour on industry-leader Nielsen, yet a dimensions hulk says it stays a forlorn “currency” of deals between advertisers and media companies.


Freedom Communications, publisher of a Orange County Register, is now formulation to sell a broke journal organisation to Digital First Media after a Justice Department final week changed to retard a sale to Los Angeles Times-owner Tribune Publishing. [WSJ]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey pronounced in a TV talk that a association will keep tweets during 140 characters, after reports that a use was meditative about fluctuating a length. Of course, Twitter could always recover a longer format after on and call it something other than a “tweet.” [NYT]

Web publisher Mic says a calm is for millennials – and it’s also by millennials. In a latest trend square about how immature people are somehow many opposite than before generations, a New York Times looks during how Mic employees eat giveaway snacks and float hoverboards while they optimize calm for Facebook. [NYT]

Apple is approaching to betray a new chronicle of a smallest stream iPhone and a new chronicle of a categorical 9.7-inch iPad during an eventuality today. Observers will also be wondering either a association will residence a ongoing authorised conflict with a Justice Department over unlocking an iPhone that belonged to a shooter in a San Bernardino militant attack. [WSJ]

Refinery29 co-founder Philippe von Borries says that it’s not easy for media companies to lift income anymore and that “VCs have mostly bent out of a space.” Meanwhile, bequest media companies are pouring resources into digital and sparking consolidation, he says. [BI]

Showtime is expanding aggressively to keep adult with rivals like HBO, Netflix and Amazon. It’s also experimenting with a Netflix-like plan of releasing episodes in bulk and will put out all 6 episodes of a new comedy “Dice” during once. [Bloomberg]

The U.S. presidential election, Summer Olympics and Euro 2016 soccer will supplement $6.1 billion to tellurian ad spending this year, according to a foresee from ZenithOptimedia. The organisation predicts a tellurian marketplace will boost 4.6% this year to $579 billion. [CMO Today]

Streaming services like Spotify wish artists to emanate disdainful calm for their platforms. Major Lazer owner and writer Diplo, for example, has grown a attribute with a use by building tradition playlists, and Spotify after heavily marketed one of his songs, creation it a service’s most-streamed song. [WSJ]

The New York Times debuted Mediator, a new weekly mainstay by Jim Rutenberg, replacing a mainstay from David Carr, who upheld divided final year. [NYT]

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