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College opening scam: How it worked

A rapist censure expelled Tuesday by a Justice Department sum what authorities lay was a years-long rascal intrigue that enabled well-to-do relatives to place their children in chosen colleges and universities, notwithstanding a students’ educational shortcomings, by masking bribes as free donations.

How authorities contend it worked:

Cheating on opening exams. Fifty people were charged in tie with a purported scheme, that officials contend dates to 2011. Some are indicted of bribing college opening examination administrators to promote intrigue by carrying a 36-year-old Florida male take a exam on their behalf, providing students with exam answers forward of time or editing their responses afterward, according to a rapist complaint.

Team spots for non-athletes. In other instances, authorities allege, propagandize officials supposed bribes to contend that incoming students, who would not be certified otherwise, had been recruited to join jaunty teams when, in fact, those students were not athletes. Authorities were clever to contend that a review targeted specific employees and that no schools were indicted of wrongdoing.

Bribes sheltered as donations. Authorities purported that a well-connected college admissions adviser, William Singer, masked a bribes by filtering them by a charity, a Key Worldwide Foundation. The particular bribes ranged in value from a few thousand dollars to some-more than $1 million, officials said. Singer, who pleaded guilty Tuesday in tie with a purported scheme, was charged with holding about $25 million between 2011 and 2018, according to a rapist complaint. In return, a students’ relatives were means to concede a bribes from their taxes, officials said.

Article source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/college-entrance-scam-how-it-worked/2019/03/12/34f0f5dc-44fb-11e9-aaf8-4512a6fe3439_story.html