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Cost of Russia’s Syrian Campaign Revealed as $480 Million

Russian President Vladimir Putin pronounced Thursday a troops operation in Syria has cost Russia approximately 33 billion rubles ($484 million).

“The troops operation in Syria demanded a certain turn of spending, and for a many part, was already already enclosed in a Defense Ministry’s 2015 bill for drills and troops training,” Putin was quoted as observant by TASS.

The RBC news organisation progressing this month estimated a cost of Syrian debate during 38 billion rubles ($557 million) minimum, though a Kremlin did not endorse a estimate.

Russia began what it describes as counterterrorism atmosphere strikes in Syria in Sep final year. On Monday, Putin systematic invulnerability chiefs to repel “the categorical part” of a Russian army in Syria.

Today (Thursday) Putin addressed a organisation of servicemen in a Kremlin. He pronounced Moscow would be means to build adult the troops participation in Syria in a matter of hours if necessary.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/562893.html