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Could Asia Argento Face Prosecution for Alleged Sex with 17-Year-Old?

News that Asia Argento paid a financial settlement to a former child actor who indicted her of passionate attack raises a pivotal question: Could a singer and #MeToo romantic could face prosecution?

The Italian star, 42, allegedly had sex with Bennett, 22, in 2013, when she was 37 and he was 17. In California, a age of agree is 18. That’s led to conjecture that Argento could be charged with orthodox rape for sex acts allegedly achieved in a Marina del Rey, California hotel room 5 years ago.

In a matter expelled Tuesday, Argento denied ever carrying “a passionate relationship” with Bennett and pronounced she was “deeply repelled and harm by carrying review news that is positively false.” She pronounced her late boyfriend, chef Anthony Bourdain, pushed for a allotment to keep a accusations out of a media.

No grave censure has been filed opposite Argento for a incident, initial reported in a New York Times on Aug 19. According to a Times, Bennett and Argento reached a allotment after Bennett claimed Argento achieved verbal sex on him and they intent in intercourse. The singer posted Instagram photos of a span together on a same day a events reportedly occurred.

After a news of a allotment broke, a array of text messages surfaced, allegedly between Asia Argento and a friend, in that a Italian singer claimed Bennett instituted their passionate hit and continued promulgation her unsolicited nudes after their encounter.

“The open knows nothing, customarily what NYT wrote. Which is one sided,” she allegedly wrote in a text, according to TMZ. “The excitable child jumped me.”

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L.A.-based rapist invulnerability profession Alaleh Kamran — who is not concerned in a matter— tells PEOPLE that a government of stipulations in California means it’s too late for prosecutors to try to pierce a many standard charges for a box like this.

“Statutory rape [sex with a minor] and/or passionate attack can be charged possibly as felonies or as misdemeanors,” Kamran says. “The government of stipulations in these forms of cases is customarily one year for misdemeanors, and 3 years for felonies.”

The purported occurrence occurred 5 years ago, past possibly government of limitations.

Asia Argento

More critical charges, including rape and molestation, have longer principle of limitations, though need prosecutors to infer additional factors. Legal experts says there is a miss of actionable justification so distant to pierce brazen with a prosecution, and a purported content messages would be deliberate hearsay.

The existence of an purported print of Argento and Bennett together in bed smiling could “tend to uncover that maybe it was not a conditions formed off force or fear,” says L.A. profession J. Tooson, who also hasn’t been defended by possibly party.

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Bennett spoke out about a occurrence for a initial time on Wednesday, with a matter explaining since he didn’t come brazen earlier.

“I did not primarily pronounce out about my story since we chose to hoop it in private with a chairman who wronged me,” review a statement. “My mishap resurfaced as she came out as a plant herself. we have not done a open matter in a past days and hours since we was ashamed and fearful to be partial of a open narrative.”

Bennett’s matter creates no discuss of wanting to press charges opposite Argento, customarily that he “would like to pierce past this eventuality in my life, and currently we select to pierce forward, no longer in silence.”

Tooson says that since a actor did not press charges during a time of a occurrence and a government of stipulations has lapsed as to orthodox rape and Bennett has been nonchalant to law coercion inquiries, a DA will expected not ensue with a box opposite Argento.

“In a prolonged run, unless they have additional sum that haven’t done public, we don’t see this heading to prosecution,” Tooson says.

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