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County’s new charge representative wants to assistance hunters, fishers


For Cape Girardeau County’s new charge agent, Ben Stratton, a many rewarding partial of his career is assisting people successfully collect wildlife.

Some people have a enterprise to go sport or fishing, he said, including children, veterans and those with disabilities. They might miss experience, superintendence or equipment, however.

But by events hosted by a Missouri Department of Conservation, those people can believe a outdoor fully, and Stratton pronounced that’s what he enjoys most.

“It’s extraordinary saying a kid’s face light adult when they get a fish on a finish of a hook,” Stratton pronounced of a module that helps children locate a fish for a initial time.

In a department’s hunter-education book, he said, it talks about a phases a hunter will go through: a sharpened phase, a limiting-out proviso and a prize phase.

“And a final one is a diver phase, and that’s when we use your believe and practice to assistance younger hunters or comparison hunters to go out and be successful,” he said, and it’s a opportunities to assistance others that make his pursuit value it.

From a immature age, Stratton was ardent about a outdoors.

His grandparents had a plantation in Bollinger County, where he went sport for deer, turkeys and squirrels. It was during a sport outing with a childhood crony and a friend’s father when Stratton satisfied he wanted to turn a charge agent.

“We were pacifist sport and a male opposite a margin from us shot a bird of chase — an American kestrel,” Stratton recalled.

His friend’s father, a charge agent, wrote a male a ticket, and returned to hunting.

“I was like, ‘Man, that is a coolest thing ever,'” he said.

Stratton, a connoisseur of Cape Girardeau Central High School, warranted a bachelor’s grade in biology with an importance in wildlife government during Southeast Missouri State University and minored in rapist justice.

He graduated from a Conservation Agent Training Academy in Jefferson City, Missouri, in 2009 before operative as a Mississippi County charge representative for 6 years.

Stratton eliminated to Cape Girardeau County in Jul and changed behind with his mother and dual daughters.

As a new representative to a area, Stratton pronounced he’s wants to emanate a clever operative attribute with a community.

“I don’t consider a lot of people comprehend that a wildlife in Missouri belongs to them,” he said. “It’s their wildlife, and we (conservation agents) are a usually people in a state who have a solitary shortcoming of enforcing wildlife regulations. We’re kind of like a orator for a hunters and a outdoorsmen.”

And that’s because it’s important, he said, for a agents to have that connection.

“We’re usually one set of eyes,” he said, so agents conclude reports from those who see a crime being committed. “Because they’re going to hear things and see people trespassing that we would never see.”

Stratton pronounced his daily tasks change with a seasons, and each day in between is different.

“You only never know what a day’s going to bring,” he said, either he’s patrolling a Mississippi River, stealing bother wildlife or examination for spotlighters or trespassers.

But assisting a village is what he enjoys, Stratton said, and he speedy those who have questions or concerns to hit him during (573) 450-1763 or Ben.Stratton@mdc.mo.gov.

“This is home to us and this is where we’d like to send a girls to propagandize and lift a family,” he said. “I’m looking brazen to a subsequent 25 years of being an representative in Cape County.”


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