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Couple Buys $600 Van, Now Travels a World on $8 a Day


A young, soft and pennyless Polish integrate became famous transport bloggers after purchasing a janky outpost and roving a universe together on 8 bucks a day.

Life is what we make of it as 28-year-old transport bloggers Aleksandra Ślusarczyk and Karol Lewandowski have proven.


The immature lovebirds had small income in their bank accounts, though that didn’t stop them from fulfilling their blazing enterprise to see a world.


In their early twenties, Ślusarczyk and Lewandowski motionless to squeeze an aged outpost for $600 and remodel it with a new paint job.


After stocking adult a automobile with tent and food supplies, they managed to revisit over 50 countries by permitting themselves to spend usually $8 a day.


Within 6 years, a dual have managed to put over 93,000 miles on their 1989 VW T3 outpost opposite 5 continents. Lewandowski explained that a categorical responsibility in their bill is fuel. However, when others come along for a ride, a cost is split. He wrote on BoredPanda:

“We transport solemnly and mostly stay in one place for a few days, so we save on fuel.”


The dual are means to save vital bucks on accommodations since they nap in a outpost or in tents wherever they go, either it’s during a beach, on a precipice or in a mountains. They also spend wisely on food and prepare for themselves. He wrote:

“The food we buy in supermarkets and eat what we prepare — we do not compensate for restaurants. For example, in Australia we ate kangaroo steaks since it was a cheapest meat.”


One of a things they’ve schooled on a highway is how to correct their van. According to their website, a integrate have gifted over 50 automobile failures during their journey.


As for hygiene, Lewandowski wrote:

“We have a possess electric showering and 150 liter H2O tank on a roof so we don’t compensate for showers. Sometimes we only use rivers or lakes.”


Their blog has gained recognition around a universe and was awarded a pretension of best blog of a year in 2014 in Poland. The dual have also done guest appearances on TV stations in Poland.


When roving between continents, a integrate have their outpost ecstatic by ship.


The cost is infrequently sponsored by people and companies who do it in sell for giveaway promotion with logos on a van.


Now their income is supplemented by transport blogging, that allows them to stay on a highway and work remotely.


Ślusarczyk and Lewandowski have published dual books about their tour as well. They also do freelance photography for association advertisements in outlandish locations.


Article source: http://nextshark.com/slusarczyk-lewandowski-van-travel/