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Cowboys starting core out indefinitely after being diagnosed with singular disorder

The puzzling pain that’s been plaguing Travis Frederick over a past month has finally been diagnosed. 

The Cowboys core announced on Wednesday that he has Guillain-Barre syndrome. According to a Mayo Clinic, a syndrome is a singular commotion where a body’s defence complement attacks a nerves.

“After a really endless hearing and find routine over a past few weeks, we have been diagnosed with carrying Guillain-Barre syndrome that is an auto-immune disease,” Frederick pronounced in a statement. “In a final 48 hours, we have perceived dual treatments that residence my condition, and we am feeling many improved from an altogether strength perspective. we will continue these treatments over a subsequent few days.”

Although doctors were means to detect a commotion in a early stages, Frederick finished it transparent that there’s no calendar for when he competence lapse to a field. 

“I am really confident about my condition and a evident future, as we have been told that a illness was rescued during a sincerely early stage,” Frederick said.  “My doctors have told me that it is not probable to establish a calendar for a lapse to a margin right now, though we am carefree that we will be means to play as shortly as possible.”

The diagnosis came roughly one week after Frederick motionless to revisit with a specialist. For many of training camp, a Cowboys core had been dealing with a pain that he suspicion was due to a stinger. However, a pain incited out to be Guillain-Barre syndrome, that can have some of a same symptoms as a stinger. 

“I am deeply beholden for all of a people who have voiced regard for me around a past 4 weeks, and my teammates and a Cowboys classification have supposing me and my family with extensive support,” Frederick said. 

Earlier this week, Cowboys manager Jason Garrett certified that a group still wasn’t certain what was wrong with Frederick. 

“I don’t wish to criticism further than what I’ve said,” Garrett said, around NBCFW.com. “We’re removing some things finished a final integrate days with Travis and once we get that information we’ll find out what his standing is.”

The four-time Pro Bowler has never missed a diversion in his five-year career with a Cowboys. 

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