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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Cast Reveals What Storyline They Want to See in a Sequel (Exclusive)

“More of everything!”

That’s what a mama of a Crazy Rich Asians family, a iconic Michelle Yeoh, hopes to see in a supplement to a year’s best regretful comedy. (Seeing how good Crazy Rich Asians is already behaving during a box office, greenlighting a supplement is usually a matter of time.) “This unequivocally gave us an event to move we to a side of a world,” Yeoh told ET during a premiere. “This movie’s going to do so well.”

Luckily, Kevin Kwan wrote a trilogy of novels — including China Rich Girlfriend and afterwards Rich People Problems — centered around Rachel Chu (played onscreen by Constance Wu) and Nick Young (Henry Golding) and a continued luxury and antics of a Youngs, Chengs, Lins and Khoos. There’s one chronicle in sold a expel is many looking brazen to saying brought to a screen.

“More of Astrid,” Golding immediately answered. Wu agreed, “Her story’s fantastic.”

Warning, we’re now diving into a spoilers low end. The finale of Crazy Rich Asians sees Astrid travel divided from her matrimony to Michael (Pierre Png) after training he was unfaithful. “When we review a book, we was in astonishment of that impression and Gemma plays her impeccably,” Golding added. In a book, a retraction of Astrid and Michael’s attribute is a bit some-more difficult — he never indeed had an affair, for starters — so maybe this isn’t a final we see of Png within a franchise.

There’s another teaser for where her story could lead in China Rich Girlfriend: During a credits, there’s a brief tab of Astrid during Rachel and Nick’s rendezvous celebration and locking eyes with a poser male (Glee‘s Harry Shum Jr.). This is Charlie Wu, a some-more distinguished figure in a novel than he is in a film. He and Astrid were once engaged, yet her family disapproved of him for being new money, and a rekindling of their attribute plays out over a trilogy. (Speaking of complications, when a dual reconnect in a novel, Charlie is married.)

And afterwards there’s Rich People Problems, that serve explores a sprawling Young family tree and might (fingers crossed!) lead to crazy abounding flashbacks. “I like in a third book they go into a history,” Wu said. The threequel kicks off when Nick is called home to his bum grandmother (Lisa Lu). “It’s a amah when she was younger, and we consider that’s so interesting.”

Which is to say: There’s a lot to demeanour brazen to. So, go see Crazy Rich Asians again, and afterwards again, and afterwards again — we were substantially formulation to do so anyway, right? Director John M. Chu is prepared to return¬†to helm a sequel, “I’m down, for sure. we won’t let anyone else!” As for his cast? “Girl, I’m free,” Awkwafina deadpanned. “Hit me up!”


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